A top-down Roguelite Bullethell where you kill thousands of Bugs! Get up to 5 Automatic firing Weapons, and a Controllable Weapon too. Slay Bugs, Get Upgrades, and Kill More. Pick from 3 Upgrade Cards on Level Up, choose correctly may your choice bring great damage and glory.





Kill Bugs, Level Up, Pick Upgrades, and Repeat.

Kill thousands of Bugs in Entomophobia, a Roguelite Bullethell, gather exp from slain bugs to level up, and choose from 3 upgrade cards to try and build the craziest combo.

Current Maps:

  • The Fields
  • The Warehouse
  • The River

Current Permanent Upgrades:

  • Speed (up to 25% increase)
  • Max Health (up to 50% increase)
  • Health Regen (up to .5 per sec)
  • Stamina Regen (up to 1 per sec)
  • Max Stamina (up to +125 stamina)

Current Characters:

  • starts with Fly Swatter
  • Passive: Charge up, then shout, fearing nearby enemies, and gain 50% speed and damage.
  • starts with Salt Shotgun
  • Passive: Salt shotgun bullets travel through more bugs before getting stuck.
  • starts with Bug Zapper
  • Passive: Charge up, then send out a shockwave, damaging nearby enemies and shocking all enemies.
  • starts with Bug Spray Grenades
  • Passive: Charge up, then release a gas cloud which does decent damage to any enemies that walk in.
  • starts with Lemon Disks.
  • Passive: Leave a trail of lemon juice that damages enemies who walk through.