Discover the ever-growing lands of Evershire. A cozy, minimalist strategy builder that encourages creativity and offers a challenge to those looking for one. Decide whether you want to create and decorate your own worlds in creative mode or try your hand at managing resources.
Evershire is a cozy, minimalist strategy builder that encourages creativity and offers a challenge to those looking for one.
Evershire is a cozy and calm strategy experience in which you buy procedurally generated tiles and adorn them with a variety of different buildings and decorations. The primary objective is to manage your resources and expand your world by planning where to place your structures in order to meet their requirements.
However, if you want to skip the strategizing and puzzling, Evershire offers a sandbox-like creative mode where you can freely unlock tiles and place buildings without having to worry about any resources or requirements. This mode is perfect if you want to lean back, take a break, and focus on creating idyllic and ever-changing worlds for yourself.
In order to fully live out your creative potential, Evershire offers a wide variety of decorations and set dressings. Be it plants, furniture, small structures, or even animals, the ways in which you bring life to the world are seemingly endless. All these decorations are free in both creative and strategy mode. This means you can always take a step back and focus on adorning and creating beautiful sceneries - even while keeping up with the challenges of the strategy mode.
Once you have decorated a tile according to your liking, Evershire offers to save your unique tile as a preset. These saved presets enable you to bring your visions back into the world without having to repeat past actions over and over. Presets can also be used in your other worlds, they are not bound to the world they were previously created from.
Evershire brings the joy of strategy games and the cozy vibe of world-building and decorating together into one game. You can choose how to play depending on your mood and wishes. As the game continues to be developed, more content will be added in the future for you to bring life to your very own unique worlds.




OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPU2 GHz Dual Core (Intel / AMD)
CPU2.5 GHz Dual Core (Intel / AMD)
Memory4 GB
Memory6 GB
GPUGTX 670 - Radeon RX Vega M-GL
GPUNvidia GTX 1080 | AMD RX-5700
  • 音声: 該当なし
  • テキスト: Dutch, English, German
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