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To save your friend from the deep sadness and depression he finds himself in, you will need to enter the mysterious backrooms and face the most challenging paths to find him. But be careful: this journey will not be easy. The game offers more than 15 alternative endings.


HardGame is a game based on a true story that narrates the intense battle of two friends against the severe depression of one of them. Friends' names are kept confidential to protect their privacy.
In the game, you take on the role of a friend who discovers her friend's struggle with depression and decides to help him. However,
You had no idea how challenging this journey would be.
The plot unfolds in the mysterious Backrooms, featuring 18 alternative endings, countless Easter eggs, intriguing puzzles and cognitive challenges. Prepare-
Enjoy an immersive and emotional experience as you navigate these dark mazes in an attempt to save your friend.




OS versionWindows 10 Home
OS versionWindows 11
Memory4GB DDR4
Memory8GB DDR4
GPUIntel HD Graphics ou Intel UHD Graphics
  • 音声: 該当なし
  • テキスト: Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Spanish (Spain), English
You need to save your friend from the deep sadness and depression he is in. To do this, you will need to enter the mysterious backrooms, face the most difficult paths and find it, but know that it will not be an easy task. You will explore diverse environments, each inhabited by unique monsters, requiring different strategies to escape and unravel its mysteries. Your goal is to adapt to these hostile environments. The game has more than 15 alternative endings, intriguing puzzles and countless Easter eggs. Still in the Beta phase, the game continues to receive updates to its gameplay and story, ensuring an always renewed and engaging experience.