What is Knight of Cathena?

Knights of Cathena is a revolutionary game, which combines turn-based tactics and blockchain technology in a way never attempted before. With its seamless blockchain integration, players won’t need any prior knowledge or initial investments to play, which ultimately ensures onboarding of the masses and a joyful introduction to a world full of action-packed PvP gameplay fused with NFTs, Tokens, and Play & Earn all powered by blockchain technology.

What will the gameplay look like?

While commanding their army of soldiers players will be drawn into the magical world of Knights of Cathena. Battling other players on a grid-based battlefield in action-packed 3D fights. Strategically positioning units, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses, to ensure victory. And earning rewards to open new strategic possibilities with a huge collection of equipable items.

How can I progress in the game?

In Knights of Cathena, you can progress in a rank-based system consisting of several ranks. Ranks that exist right now are:
  • Peasant I
  • Peasant II
  • Peasant III
  • Squire I
  • Squire II
  • Squire III
  • Knight I
  • Knight II
  • Knight III
  • Lord I
  • Lord II
  • Lord III
  • King I
  • King II
  • King III
  • Grandmaster
Each rank has a certain amount of stars that can be reached. Once collected all stars within your current rank you will be promoted to the next one.

Can I lose my rank?

Yes, you can. If you lose a match, you will lose one star. If you lose the last star in your current rank you will be demoted to the previous one. But you can always earn your rank back by improving your strategy and displaying your skills on the battlefield.

What are Noble Houses?

Keep in mind that this is a feature that will be published with the Beta Client of the game!
Noble Houses function as social hubs. Players can become members of a house to gain advantages in the form of in-game perks. While the owner, hence the lord, of the house earns additional rewards for every match played by its members.
For every item traded on the marketplace or every match played by the members of a house, the owner will receive rewards.
Noble houses come with a leveling system. By leveling a house the member limit increases as well as the level cap for the perk slots within the house.

Can I create Noble Houses in-game?

Yes, of course. You can buy a Noble House Lvl. 0 which you can level up to the max. level of 5.

When will the full game be released?

The approximate release will be in Q1 2024.

What are the release milestones?

  1. Alpha Testphase (currently happening)
  2. Alpha Release
  3. Closed Beta Testphase
  4. Beta Release
  5. v1.0 Release

What are the features of each milestone?

The following features are included in the Alpha version:
  • Core gameplay loop
  • $CGO rewards for playing the game
  • In-game marketplace (trading only)
  • Merging NFT-Items
  • Buy $CGO in-game
  • Buy NFT-Item-Chests
The following features will be added in the Beta version:
  • Several in-game chats
  • Messaging system
  • Friend lists
  • Noble Houses
  • NFT-Item renting
  • Battlepass
  • Quest system

Why Blockchain?

Combining a game with blockchain is, at least right now, the only logical way to enable the Play&Earn model for games. We see this as a huge advantage for players and a great innovation for the gaming industry.

Why MultiversX?

We researched several blockchains that would fit our needs. MultiversX was the only one that matched our demand of scalability, security, performance, costs, automation and product quality.

Do I need a wallet to play Knights of Cathena?

No, you don't need a wallet beforehand. As one of our main goals is lowering the entry barrier into the blockchain gaming space, we hide complex blockchain interactions as well as possible.

How will my login/wallet be handled?

To make the login handling as easy as possible players can simply log in using major social providers like Google, Facebook, and Apple ID, or traditional email. In the background, we will automatically and securely create a wallet for our players and link it to their accounts. This way players can start playing without the necessity of blockchain knowledge whatsoever.

Knights of Cathena will be a Play&Earn game, but what does that mean?

This basically means playing a game that is fun and where players get rewarded for the time invested into the game. As time is the most valuable resource of our kind, it makes a lot of sense to get rewarded for spending time on our project.

What are the differences between Play&Earn and Play2Earn?

In common Play2Earn (P2E) games, you also get rewarded by playing. But many of them require a certain level of blockchain know-how or initial investment. Additionally, the focus of those games is mainly geared towards the earning part instead of the game design and fun for players. This combination results in less entertaining games that people only play because of the reward-farming aspect.

How does Knights of Cathena differ from common Play2Earn games?

Knights of Cathena combines both worlds, great game design meets rewarding mechanisms without the need for the player to know anything about underlying blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies. Within no time at all, they can download the game, log in with their social accounts and start playing to get all the benefits without restrictions.
Our goal is to blur the lines between Web2 and Web3 as seamlessly as possible. Combining great user experience with concepts of profit and ownership will be the key to reaching mass adoption for the space which we strive for.

What are the rewards I can earn?

The rewards will be in form of our future ESDT-Token with the name "Cathena Gold" ($CGO). Check out our Litepaper
to get all the information about our token.

Is there a whitepaper/litepaper?

Yes, you can take a look at our Litepaper

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are unique entities saved on a Blockchain.

Why use NFTs?

In common games, the item economy belongs to the game studio or publisher, which developed the game, but not to the players. In Knights of Cathena, every item generated is its own unique NFT, which belongs directly to the player. That is what NFTs enable us to do. Because of this players can do whatever they want with their hard-earned in-game values including trading, transferring, renting, etc. In short: True digital ownership.

How do my Item-NFTs work in-game?

Every in-game item in Knights of Cathena will be an NFT (Non-fungible token). You can choose if you want to use it on the battlefield to further progress through the ranks or trade them on the in-game marketplace for profit.
Items are level-based, to progress an item to the next level you need to merge three items of the same level to create a new leveled-up item. For example, merging three items of level 1 will create one item with level 2.
Additionally, items have a specific rarity. The different rarities are:
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
The rarer the items are, the more valuable and stronger they are in battle.

How can I get my NFT-Items?

Players can buy Item-Chests in our shop which contains a certain amount of NFT-Items. There are a total of four different chests:
  • Wooden Chest: Containing 5 Items
  • Silver Chest: Containing 25 Items
  • Golden Chest: Containing 50 Items
  • Mystic Chest: Containing 100 items
As chests will be their own NFTs, they can be traded on the marketplace as well.

How can I trade my items?

Knights of Cathena will have its own in-game marketplace. It will be the trading hub where players can sell and buy items from/to other players. The currency used on the marketplace will be our ESDT Token "Cathena Gold" ($CGO), which we will create in the future.

Can I rent items?

Renting your NFT-Items to other players is a feature that will be added in the Beta version of the project.

How can I support the project?

Since the game is currently in Devnet Alpha, the best way to support is to join the community by playing the game and, if you like, report bugs to us so we can improve the quality of the project as much as possible until we launch on the mainnet.
Join our community on our Discord
server and participate in the upcoming community events to help grow the project even more.

How to follow the latest announcements?

All announcements will be released on our socials:

How to purchase $CGO?

The token has not been minted yet. There will be a public sale in the future where all players will get an equal opportunity of buying a piece of the stake.

Will there be a presale?

Originally we planned on doing an NFT-Presale long before the actual game would be complete. To make it as fair as possible for our player base we decided to scratch this idea. While doing so everybody will have equal starting chances.

How is blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency used in this product?

In-game assets such as items, equipables, and pets are stored as NFTs and the in-game currency "Cathena Gold" is a utility token.

What utility does Blockchain bring to the product?

In-game assets are owned by the players and are securely stored on the blockchain which allows for tradeability of these assets within and outside of the game. This also entails fair pricing of these assets via the open market.

Does this product require me to connect an external wallet?

No, a wallet is generated on first sign up which can be exported to be used outside of the game.

What wallets does this product support?

The exported wallet is compatible with any MultiverX complaint wallet application. First and foremost the official wallet from the MultiverX team.

Can I use the product without interacting or engaging with blockchain, NFT, or cryptocurrency?

Players continuously interact with the blockchain layer of the game when playing, although this is integrated seamlessly and therefore not directly apparent to the player. Transactions and general blockchain-related tasks are handled in the background for the player.

What chain does this product use?

Knights of Cathena is built on top ofMultiverX which is the first carbon-negative European blockchain built with proof-of-stake technology.

Does this product have a marketplace?

Yes, Knights of Cathena includes a fully functional NFT marketplace within the game.

What can I do with the things that I earn (or purchase)?

Assets such as in-game items, equipment, pets, etc. can be used to progress within the game but can also be traded and sold outside of the game's ecosystem.