Quest Hunter: Strangewood


Quest Hunter: Strangewood

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Strangewood is a story addition to Quest Hunter. Explore new locations, fight with new enemies, solve puzzles with new mechanics. Level up new skills and get new weapons and equipment. Play alone or together with your old and new friends!
There's something strange going on in the western woods. An enormous cloud of blue mist sucks up everything around. What used to be a wonderful forest is drastically changing. Even bandits tend to avoid these places.
It's high time for the Hero to visit these lands and put things right!

Basic Features

Quest Hunterシステム要件



OSバージョンMicrosoft Windows 8 or higher
OSバージョンMicrosoft Windows 10 or higher
CPU1.4GHz or faster, SSE2 instruction set support
CPU2.0GHz or faster, SSE2 instruction set support
GPUGeForce 8800GT
GPUGeForce GTX 667
DirectXDirectX 18
DirectXDirectX 18
ストレージ10 GB
ストレージ11 GB
  • 音声: 該当なし
  • テキスト: ロシア語, ドイツ語, フランス語, ブラジルポルトガル語, 日本語, 中国語(簡体), ポルトガル語, 英語, 中国語(繁体), スペイン語(スペイン), スペイン語(中南米)
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