Starship Troopers: Terran Command - Urban Onslaught

Fight your way through 9 new missions in the Urban Onslaught campaign to defend the great city of Mahanagar. A ferocious Arachnid onslaught has swept through the city’s suburbs, completely overwhelming local police forces. The very homes of our citizens are now in grave peril…

Starship Troopers: Terran Command - Urban Onslaught


Fight your way through 9 new missions in the Urban Onslaught campaign to defend the great city of Mahanagar.
A ferocious Arachnid onslaught has swept through the city’s suburbs, completely overwhelming local police forces. Never before did they face such a massive and meticulously orchestrated assault. Majestic boulevards and towering skyscrapers are reduced to rubble as the Bug hordes encroach upon the central districts. The very homes of our citizens are now in grave peril…


  • Police Squad
    Each Police Squad operates a pair of detainer drones, designed to take down crime suspects - or distract the attention of Arachnids.
  • Riot Shield Squad
    Their big shields and heavy armor are designed to resist enemy attacks and their grenade launchers can whittle down even the biggest enemies.
  • Peacekeeper Biped
    This command vehicle can call in reinforcements, boost the damage output of friendly units and provide indirect fire support with its dual grenade launchers.


The current Arachnid incursion, however, calls for a much stronger response. The Mobile Infantry has arrived to preserve freedom and smash the Bugs! They’ve brought the latest war machines to quell even the most vicious Arachnid threats.
  • J.A.C. Trooper
    The "Jumpjet Assault Cannon" Trooper carries a large recoilless rifle to smash through medium armor and a jetpack to take them to the high ground - or to get out of trouble.
  • M7 Cyclone
    This highly mobile weapon platform can fire on the move to deal with both ground and air targets, and a booster jump ability to reach advantageous positions.
  • M23 Rainmaker
    When you need an endless storm of missiles to rain down upon your enemy, deploy the Rainmaker. This mobile missile launcher excels at providing long range fire support.
  • A-12 Pegasus Gunship
    Take control of the skies with the Pegasus Gunship. Its powerful minigun and wing-mounted rocket pods are ideal for ground support missions.


To stem the tide, a whole new set of defensive turrets is available for deployment. No matter what the Arachnids throw at our positions, we have a combination of turrets ready to throw them back.
  • Autocannon Turret
    This sturdy turret can take a lot of punishment, and its dual autocannons are effective against medium armored enemies but tend to overheat quickly.
  • Mortar Turret
    This turret fires a barrage of mortar rounds to counter large hordes of lightly armored enemies.
  • Heavy Gun Turret
    This weapon mounts a high velocity gun designed to take on heavily armored targets.
  • Ballistic Missile Turret
    When your defenses are under long range bombardment, deploy these turrets. Its heat seeking missiles can take down enemies from a great distance.


Federal Intelligence has reported the presence of several new Bug types rampaging through the ruins of Mahanagar. A good M.I. commander comes prepared to deal with these new threats.
  • Burster
    Bursters eject a volatile substance that combusts after a short time delay. The dorsal glands that produce this substance also tend to explode upon the creature’s death.
  • Hornets
    These flying Arachnids lack significant destructive firepower, but the real menace lies in their nests, which incessantly churn out a relentless swarm of Hornets.
  • Hornet Tanker
    The Hornet Tanker carries Hornet nests on its back. Reaching and neutralizing this monstrosity, while managing the endless stream of Hornets, requires a careful approach.
  • Ravager
    This Arachnid is a formidable foe capable of launching explosive projectiles. When it loses its tail from battle damage, it will charge in with its massive pincers.


This expansion includes:
  • A new richly detailed urban environment: Squash the Bugs in city streets, liberate a massive airport, clear internal buildings and venture through underground basements, sewers and metro lines.
  • 9 mission story campaign, focused on open maps that offer tactical freedom
  • 8 new player units, including mechanized missile launchers, hovering autocannons and airborne gunships
  • 4 new defensive turret types
  • 4 new Arachnid unit types

Starship Troopers: Terran Command レーティング&レビュー

by Leana Hafer
7 / 10
Starship Troopers: Terran Command is a competent asymmetrical RTS, but its only substantial mode is a single-player campaign that takes a while to warm up.
by Chris Wray
7 / 10
Starship Troopers: Terran Command is most certainly the game of the film. It gives off the same feel like the film and sticks very close to the source material with the use of bugs, the actions of the empire and the tactics of the Mobile Infantry; all that is an unequivocal positive. However, there are a few issues in gameplay. It feels like an older strategy game than it is, lacking some modern sensibilities, limited game modes, and featuring poor pathfinding. Still, despite these issues, it is a genuinely fun and strategic title that fans of the franchise will thoroughly enjoy, and general strategy fans should also enjoy.
by Ron Burke
80 / 100
Perfectly encapsulating the Paul Verhoven film, Starship Troopers: Terran Command strikes the right balance of cheesy and challenging, at least in the latter missions. While it doesn't have multiplayer or a scenario editor, the single player is a blast. We'll fight, and we'll win, I just wish my troopers weren't so dumb while we do it. Oh well, more meat for the grinder.

Starship Troopers: Terran Commandシステム要件



OSバージョンWindows 7、8、Windows 10(64ビット)
OSバージョンWindows 7、8、Windows 10(64ビット)
CPUIntel Core i7または同等
CPUIntel Core i7または同等
GPUGeForce GTX 1050/ Radeon RX 560
GPUGeForce GTX 1050/ Radeon RX 560
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