Summer's Gone - Season 1

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Summer's Gone is an interactive, slice-of-life Visual Novel about a guy who's lost his childhood love and suffered severe trauma. College is about to start, mysteries are about to unfold, and a girl named Bella drags him out of his comfort zone.

Summer's Gone is a high-quality, Interactive Visual Novel.

This game is about healing, hope, and love.
Someone once lost finding back.
The game deals with many essential topics, especially mental health & love.
Depression, shame, loneliness, and not fitting into a social template are some of the primary topics.
Much emphasis is on worldbuilding, interpersonal connection, and especially the characters.
Dating, love, and overcoming obstacles together is the premise of Summer's Gone.
Season 1 features a wide variety of characters who accompany the main character through a new Chapter of his life.
The MC has isolated himself for a long time but is now faced with something his comfort zone doesn't like at all.
College & Sports
Once upon a time, he was the star player on the high school basketball team, and now, the college tryouts are in a few weeks.
But there's something in the back of your mind... Why couldn't you choose a college? Why did you have to go to the ZPR college?
Mysteries are about to unfold, and comfort zones are to be shattered.
Summer's Gone - Season 1 is the beginning of a unique journey.
"Homesickness for a place I've never been."
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A Night in the Desert
A race with impossible odds
Looking out for the elders.
1...2...3...4... Kiss.
Gym with Bella.

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OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPUIntegrated or better
CPUIntegrated or better
GPUIntegrated or better
GPUIntegrated or better
Additional NotesIt runs on phones and probably even your Vacuum cleaner.
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  • テキスト: English
Summer's Gone - Season 1 is a game produced by the Artist and Programmer Ocean(AVN), who owns all rights.