Take The Throne

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Take the Throne is a massively multiplayer battle royale game with up to 25 players in a free-for-all bloody fight to be the last one alive.



プレイヤーの方は、暗号通貨やデジタル資産を購入する前に、必ずご自身で調査してください。サードパーティのマーケットプレイスを通じたプレイヤーの購入は自己責任で行われるものであり、Epic Gamesは、いかなる暗号通貨やデジタル資産の購入または販売も奨励していません。


Take the Throne is a new Massive Multiplayer Online Battle Royale game with up to 25 players in a free-for-all bloody fight to the end!

  • Official online battle royale servers with up to 25 players (regions in NA, EU)
  • Create a private, locally hosted battle royale lobby in which friends can join via a code (can add bots to fill the server)
  • 7 Unique Classes, each with their own abilities
  • Tons of unique maps
  • Advanced fighting mechanics (3 different types of swings, as well as 2 class abilities)
  • Weapon hit force (the lower health you are, the further you get hit)
  • Customize your character with 60+ skins (each with 4 different variations) and 100+ weapons (Some skins and weapons are only purchasable with crowns you get from winning the battle royale)
  • Fully physics-based combat and incredibly funny ragdoll physics
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