Water 2050 Expanded

Take on the ultimate challenge of being mayor of the last city with clean water reserves in 2050. Manage resources, discover new technologies and tackle the global water crisis. An innovative blend of city building, resource management, adventure, and survival all in one game.

The future starts now!

You are the Mayor of the last remaining city in a world that has been destroyed by environmental neglect. The city´s water is heavily contaminated, making it barely suitable for human consumption, and it´s up to you to lead the change and save the world in this 2D isometric city manager game!
But fear not, time travel is on your side! Go back in time to implement real-world technologies and practices that will reduce water pollution and shape a sustainable future. Natural disasters, contaminated areas, and hard choices are just some of the challenges you´ll face along the way. Plus, you get a quirky, long-lived engineer to assist you!
Water 2050 is not only a fun and engaging game, but also it raises awareness about the critical issue of water pollution. The game has been developed in partnership with the Water Environment Federation, and a portion of the profits will be donated to the WEF for research and programs to address the water crisis. Get ready to save the planet and have some fun while you´re at it!
So, whether you´re a gamer, an environmentalist, or just looking for a good time, water 2050 is the game for you! With stunning graphics, city-building mechanics, time travel options, and special buildings to unlock, this game has it all. Don´t miss out on the chance to make a real difference and have a blast doing it.
Water 2050 - for a better tomorrow!
Key Features:
  • Stunning 2D isometric graphics
  • City building and resource management mechanics
  • Time travel feature that allows players t manage the city in both the past and the future
  • 14 real-world technologies to research and achieve water sustainability
  • Special buildings to unlock such as a Stadium, Cemetery, Observatory, Space Rocket Launch Site, and more, each with unique events to resolve
  • Natural disasters such as heat waves, smog, electric storms, droughts, blizzards, sandstorms, and more to test players' ability to keep the city alive
  • Dozens of events that require players to make impactful decisions for the city´s survival
  • An informative and lighthearted approach to addressing a serious issue: preserving and cleaning our water

Water 2050 Expandedシステム要件



OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
CPUDual Core CPU
CPUDual Core CPU
Memory1 GB RAM
Memory2 GB RAM
GPUOpenGL 3.0 compliant with 512Mb of video RAM
GPUOpenGL 3.0 compliant with 1Gb of video RAM
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 9
Storage500 Mb
Storage750 Mb
  • 音声: English
  • テキスト: English, Portuguese, Spanish (Latin America), French, German, Italian, Russian
Created and registered by Totem Games Studio S.A.S.