Butchers Don't Surf!

Butchers Don't Surf! 동시에 도전적이고 재미있는 게임입니다. 이 게임에서 플레이어는 대포에서 캐릭터를 발사하여 목표를 달성하고 임무를 완수하며 새로운 캐릭터를 출시하고 전 세계를 여행합니다!

About the Game

"Butchers Don't Surf!" will drive you crazy, but it will also provide you with a lot of fun! In each new match, launch the character from a cannon and try to reach increasingly greater distances in three rounds. Accumulate money, visit the store, and purchase new cannons, equipment, and firearms. Upgrade your inventory and attempt to around the world! Not only that, unlock new characters, achieve goals, complete challenging trials, earn medals, and undertake missions. Upon reaching 100% completion of the game, the desire to experience it all over again will be irresistible!


A strange object from space is causing chaos wherever it goes. Land vehicles start to move by themselves and cause roadkill on the roads. Planes, helicopters and other aircraft also begin to fly on their own. Meanwhile, wild animals are invading the cities and attacking the population. On a farm in the Alps, pigs gain intelligence and start taking up arms. The owner of the farm is surrendered. The swines spot a monolith in the sky and plan to capture it. However, to reach it, it will be necessary to cross the aerial chaos. They get a cannon and launch the farmer, who is a retired Human cannonball, towards the object. They start training him to complete several missions.
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When starting the first match, all you can do is launch the character from a catapult. In three rounds, try to reach the goal of 500 meters. Then go to the store and buy a trampoline. Start a new match and attempt 750 meters. Go back and buy a fan. Now get 1000 meters. Watch out for flying objects. Buy a gun or a belt that fires disintegration ray to get rid of the birds and planes. Also collect coins with the magnetic belt.
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After purchasing the trampoline, a trial will be available on the medal board. Start the challenge, launch the character from a catapult and use the springboard to hit the target on the ground. Acquiring new equipment, cannons and guns, and increasing the record in matches, new evidence will appear. In total, there are 84 medals to be won.
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There are eighteen types of equipment. Each with unique gameplay.
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There are eight cannons and a catapult.
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You can find twenty-seven types of guns in the capitalist pig's Tent.
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There are thirty-six unlockable characters. To release them, enter the correct code on the prison panel. The codes are engraved in briefcases that can be found during matches.
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Some imposters are trying to help the monolith escape the planet. Stop them.
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New Characters | Challenges

Three new characters are now available: Cosplay, Succubus and Transhumanist. When choosing one of them, it will be necessary to complete a challenge to unlock their full use in the game. The challenges have a considered level of difficulty, and no additional items need to be purchased in the store to complete them.

획득 가능 업적

Buy Schwerer Gustav
50 XP
Buy the First Cannon
20 XP
Buy the First Gold Cannon
20 XP
Catch a Diamond in Space
20 XP
Complete All Goals
100 XP

Butchers Don't Surf! 시스템 요구 사항



운영체제 버전Windows 10
운영체제 버전Windows 10
CPUIntel Core i5-8400 ou AMD Ryzen 5 2600
CPUIntel Core i7-8700 ou AMD Ryzen 5 3600
메모리8 GB
메모리16 GB
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti ou AMD RX 5700 XT
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
스토리지6 GB
스토리지6 GB
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