Cave Story+
Cave Story+

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이견의 여지 없이 가장 유명한 인디 게임, Cave Story+가 오리지널 스토리와 함께 넘치는 개성과 미스테리, 그리고 빠른 템포의 재미를 선사합니다. 달리고, 점프하고, 총을 쏘고, 날아다니면서 8비트와 16비트의 향취가 느껴지는 거대한 모험을 떠나보세요!

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Metro GameCentral
작성자: GameCentral
9 / 10
“The biggest addition is to the price tag, but Cave Story itself is still a masterclass in minimalist video game design.”
Gamers Heroes
작성자: Johnny Hurricane
8 / 10
“Cave Story+ is a game most people will have played in one form or another. If you haven't and you are looking for a decent Mega Man fix, then Cave Story+ is for you.”
Video Chums
작성자: A.J. Maciejewski
8.1 / 10
“Countless fantastic 2D action games released since Cave Story initially debuted yet it remains a wonderful experience that every genre fan needs to play.”
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운영체제Windows XP
운영체제Windows 7
프로세서Intel Core Solo
프로세서Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz 또는 동급
메모리128MB RAM
메모리512MB RAM
그래픽 카드64MB RAM
그래픽 카드256MB RAM, 비통합
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