Curious Expedition 2: Highlands of Avalon
Curious Expedition 2: Highlands of Avalon

Highlands of Avalon은 신규 섬 유형(Highlands)과 신규 타일 유형, 아이템, 장소, 적 등이 특징입니다.

Curious Expedition 2: Highlands of Avalon

Highlands를 탐험하세요

Highlands of Avalon은 신규 섬 유형(Highlands)과 신규 타일 유형, 아이템, 장소, 적 등이 특징입니다.

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신규 섬 유형: Highlands, 완전히 새로운 타일 세트, 언덕과 계곡 횡단과 관련한 신규 게임 메카닉, Picts라는 이름의 신규 부족, 사원을 위한 신규 아트워크
8개의 신규 고용 가능 캐릭터: Grail Knight, Precious Clydesdale(말), Kobolds(3종: Bard, Scoundrel, Shaman), Picts 섬 주민(3종: Spiritual Druid, Pictish Outrider, Tattooed Warrior)
4개의 신규 : Stone Golem, Kobolds, Lake Serpent, Black Wolves
6개의 신규 장소: Giant Horn, Wishing Well, Pointing Statue, Wild Kobolds, Lake Serpent, Precious Clydesdale Herd

Avalon을 위하여!

7종의 신규 장비: Pictish Spear, Pictish Crossbow, Bag Pipes, Legendary Blade, Magnifying Glass, Cuirass, Armoured Boots
5개의 신규 아이템: Fairy Stones, Kobold Ear Wax, Stone Fragment, Bird call, Sea Monster scale
4개의 신규 잠금 해제 가능 레벨: 파리의 Royal Avalon Society Explorer Club에서 고용 가능 캐릭터 1가지와 장비 3종에 접근할 수 있습니다.



작성자: Jake Hill
56 / 100
“The gameplay is fun for a time, but once you see what Curious Expedition 2 has to offer, you will start to look beneath the surface. If you do that and you still like what you see, maybe you’ll have a new indie favorite. Or maybe you’ll find that your curiosity is quickly sated, and you’ll move on to the next thing.”
Gaming Nexus
작성자: Elliot Hilderbrand
7.4 / 10
“Curious Expedition 2's gorgeous backgrounds and good-looking characters improve on the first title, but don't do enough to make the management part of the game sparkle. Expeditions become a trudge, especially when your party robs you of all your alcohol; and combat can be fun, but not much fun to look at.”
God is a Geek
작성자: Sean Smith
7 / 10
“Curious Expedition 2 is a seriously odd, fiendishly difficult, yet somehow weirdly charming experience that sucks you in against your better judgement.”
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OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 7
GPUDX10 호환 비디오 카드
GPUDX10 호환 비디오 카드
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