의 세계는 혼자서는 위험합니다! 친구들을 모아 파티를 구성해 전략과 교묘함, 팀워크가 필요한 의 어둠 속으로 뛰어드세요. 수상에 빛나는 최대 4인용 테이블톱 어드벤처를 만나보세요.
A darkness has fallen over the land of Gilmerra, and it will take the cunning, bravery, and guile of an intrepid band of adventurers to put things right. Demeo is a turn-based tactical adventure that brings all the fun of tabletop gaming to PC!
  • 5 complete adventures across dungeons, forests, deserts and towns
  • 7 playable classes: Guardian, Warlock, Sorcerer, Assassin, Hunter, Barbarian, and Bard
  • Play solo or get cooperative online with up to 4 players
  • Cross-platform support to join the fun with Demeo’s existing player community
  • Randomized level-assembly means no two experiences are identical
  • Move miniatures, play action cards, and vanquish monsters with a roll of the die
  • Assemble your party and fight for survival in Demeo, the award-winning game of tabletop RPG tactics.

Demeo 등급 및 리뷰

God is a Geek
작성자: Chris White
9 / 10
With three adventures already available and more to come, Demeo is not only a homage to classic table top RPGs, but it’s been crafted in a way to faithfully recreate the feel as well. It offers thrilling gameplay, a great opportunity to play with friends and strangers alike, all sharing a love of role-playing and fantasy.
작성자: Kevin Chick
8 / 10
Demeo is a great game if you want to relax with a small group of friends and play a turn-based virtual tabletop RPG.
Geek Culture
작성자: Jake Su
7.6 / 10
Demeo is an excellent way of introducing tabletop gaming to newcomers and veterans, and the fun gets amplified when you can work together as a team. Just be wary of slight bugs here and there.
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운영체제 버전Windows 10
운영체제 버전Windows 10
CPUIntel Core i5-3470, AMD Ryzen 3 1200
CPUIntel Core i7-7700HQ, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
GPUNVIDIA GTX 760, Radeon R9 280
GPUNVIDIA GTX 1660Ti, AMD Radeon RX 580
DirectXDirectX 11
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  • 텍스트: German, French, Japanese, Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, English, Chinese (Traditional)
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