Disco Elysium - The Final Cut Bundle

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The Game + Artbook + Soundtrack

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut Bundle

Full voice acting

All of the city's beautiful people are brought to life with full English voiceover. Play characters against each other, try to help them, or fall hopelessly in love as each word is spoken to you with the appropriate accent and emotion.

New political vision quests.

Face the reality of your worldview as your political compass leads you down new paths. Discover more citizens, a whole extra area, and monumental sights as you leave an even bigger mark on the world by chasing your dreams.

Unprecedented freedom of choice​.

Intimidate, sweet-talk, resort to violence, write poetry, sing karaoke, dance like a beast or solve the meaning of life. Disco Elysium is the most faithful representation of desktop role playing ever attempted in video games.

Countless tools for role playing.​

Mix and match from 24 wildly different skills. Develop a personal style with 80 clothes items. Wield 14 tools from guns to flashlights to a boombox, or pour yourself a cocktail of 6 different psychoactive substances. Develop your character even further with 60 wild ​thoughts ​to think – with the detective's Thought Cabinet.

A revolutionary dialogue system with unforgettable characters.

The world is alive with real people, not extras. Play them against each other, try to help them, or fall hopelessly in love. Disco Elysium's revolutionary dialogue system, with partially voiced characters, lets you do almost anything.

Carve your unique path across the city​.

Explore, manipulate, collect tare or become a millionaire in an open world unlike anything you've seen before. The city of Revachol is yours for the taking, one small piece at a time. From the streets to the beaches – and beyond.

Hard boiled, hard core.

Death, sex, taxes and disco – nothing is off the table. Revachol is a real place with real challenges. Solve a massive murder investigation, or relax and kick back with sprawling side-cases. The detective decides, the citizens abide.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut 에디션(2)

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut
Disco Elysium - Soundtrack + Artbook
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut
Disco Elysium - Soundtrack + Artbook

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Disco Elysium - The Final Cut 등급 및 리뷰

작성자: By Simon Cardy
9.6 / 10
Disco Elysium is a deep, sharply written, unique blend of noir-detective fiction and traditional pen-and-paper RPGs.
작성자: David Wildgoose
10 / 10
Disco Elysium is a detective RPG that sets a new standard for storytelling.
Game Informer
작성자: Joe Juba
9 / 10
The mystery has a satisfying payoff, but the bigger draw is navigating the main character's competing thoughts and weighing what kind of person you want him to be
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운영체제 버전Windows 7
운영체제 버전Windows 10
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo 또는 동급의 제품
CPUIntel Core i7 또는 동급의 제품
GPUDirectX 11 호환 비디오 카드(최소 512MB 메모리를 갖춘 통합 또는 전용)
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 1060 또는 동급의 제품
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