ENDLESS™ Dungeon - '카스가 이치반', '키류 카즈마' 스킨 팩

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ENDLESS™ Dungeon - '카스가 이치반', '키류 카즈마' 스킨 팩

이 팩에 포함된 콘텐츠로는:
  • 콤라드의 키류 카즈마 스킨 1개
  • 파시의 카스가 이치반 스킨 1개 등이 있습니다
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Endless Dungeon 등급 및 리뷰

PC Gamer
작성자: Will Freeman
81 / 100
A touch too much repetition doesn't spoil this ambitious and elegant combo of run 'n' gun, tower defence, and roguelike.
작성자: Justin Koreis
8 / 10
Endless Dungeon is simultaneously a great roguelite, a great twin-stick shooter, and a great tower defense game.
작성자: Jon Bailes
Endless Dungeon is an entertaining, polished, and finely-tuned roguelike, expertly blending action and tactics to fill each trip with dozens of impactful micro-decisions. While visibility can be an issue during packed battles, presentation overall is bright and clean, and supported by some classy character design. Co-op play is the icing on an already tasty cake.
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ENDLESS™ Dungeon - '카스가 이치반', '키류 카즈마' 스킨 팩 시스템 요구 사항



운영체제Windows 7, 64비트
운영체제Windows 10, 64비트
프로세서데스크톱의 Intel Core i5 4세대/AMD FX-8370 또는 데스크톱의 AMD Ryzen
프로세서데스크톱의 Intel Core i7 10세대/데스크톱의 AMD Ryzen 5000 시리즈
메모리8GB RAM
메모리12GB RAM
그래픽 카드NVIDIA GTX 760/AMD R9 280
그래픽 카드NVIDIA GTX 970/RTX 2060/AMD R9 390/RX 490/RX 580
기타720p, 중간 품질, 30fps
기타1080p, 고품질, 60fps
지원 언어
  • AUDIO: English
  • TEXT: English, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Polish, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian
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