Halloween World

Immerse yourself in the pumpkin world and go in search of adventure to a place where there is always a spooky holiday! But remember, even at the party, don't stray too far from the crowd. Who knows what might be waiting for you in a quiet and cozy corner...
Do you want Halloween to never end?
Then this game is for you! 🎃
Say goodbye to the usual boring life and go in search of unexpected acquaintances to the world of pumpkins, ghosts and creepy dudes.
Dance around a giant pumpkin, have a nice stroll around a graveyard, squabble with a ghost... Unless you're too scared of course 💀
🍁 🍁 🍁
"Halloween World" is a 3D horror retro style adventure game for the whole family (especially if you are from a weird family) with a strong focus on exploring and a small but very cozy world 🧡
Simple riddles, bizarre characters and strange humor will help pass the autumn evening and create a holiday mood 🍂
And a short length will not steal you from your family and friends for too long 👻
This is a fully completed little adventure story for 20 minutes.
Initially we made this game for Senscape's Jam 2022
and actually took first place with it!
Trailer music
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OS versionWindows 8.1 64bit
OS versionWindows 10 64bit
Memory4 gb
Memory8 gb
Storage1 GB
Storage2 GB
SoundCard600 MB
SoundCard2 GB
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  • 텍스트: English, Russian
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