Ancient Britain

영국의 가장 훌륭한 고대 유적지를 청소해야 합니다! The Royal Stones, Druid Tor, The Ancient Aurochs, Aurochs Hill의 새로운 장소 4곳을 소개합니다. 이 문화 유산을 훼손하면 엄청난 벌금을 내야 하니, 부디 잔디 깎을 때 조심하세요!

Ancient Britain

With the Ancient Britain DLC, you will be able to explore quintessentially British ruins whilst peacefully mowing the lawns of these sites.
Discover four brand new locations:
The Royal Stones
Here you will find quite a whimsical place, with two stone circles - their historical significance continues to be debated, but one thing is for certain, they could use a tidy up! Using the tools at your disposal and the new string trimmers, it is your task to go around these ancient ruins and carefully tidy it up.
Druid's Tor
Hidden in a quiet valley lie these ancient megaliths, forgotten by the modern world. Do your bit in bringing this site back to life!
The Ancient Aurochs
One of Britain's oldest inns, this charming setting seems to be the perfect place to spend the day mowing.
Aurochs Hill
A fascinating site that is home to a Bronze-Age field painting. Set on a steep slope with an intricate cut pattern around the painting, this may be your toughest task yet. Be sure to go slow as any damage caused to this historic site will come with a heavy fine.

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작성자: Andrew Farrell
8 / 10
A simulator that's actually good instead of a jank factory? Lawn Mowing Simulator will only appeal to a specific niche, but it's a fun, relaxing game that offers almost all of what it should.
작성자: Mark Steighner
74 / 100
In one sense, spending hours mowing virtual lawns in a game could be considered a ridiculous waste of time. But aside from being a satisfying management sim, the act of mowing lawns in Lawn Mowing Simulator can be surprisingly relaxing and maybe even a little inspiring.
작성자: Drew Leachman
7.5 / 10
If you’re looking for a chill game to throw some music or a podcast on and just ride, you really can’t beat this game. It’s not going to throw some hard curveball at you. Sometimes, that exactly what you need. You may find yourself like me and have a nice, relaxing time with it.
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운영체제 버전Windows 10 x64
운영체제 버전Windows 10 x64
CPUAMD FX-8350 (4 * 4000) 또는 동급의 제품 // Intel Core i3-8350K (4 * 4000) 또는 동급의 제품
CPUAMD Ryzen 7 2700X (8 * 3200) 또는 동급의 제품 // Intel Core i7-6950X (10 * 3000) 또는 동급의 제품
GPURadeon R9 390X (8192 VRAM) 또는 동급의 제품 // GeForce GTX 960 (4096 VRAM) 또는 동급의 제품
GPURadeon RX Vega 64 (8192 VRAM) 또는 동급의 제품 // GeForce GTX 1080 (8192 VRAM) 또는 동급의 제품
DirectXDirectX 11
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