March of Shrooms

커다란 발상력을 가진 작은 버섯이 되어 보세요. 거대한 폭풍이 모든 것을 균사 시대로 되돌려 놓기 전에 모든 버섯 동족을 연합시키세요. 명랑한 버섯 무리를 이끌고 섬을 누비며, 이 땅의 모든 버섯에게 평화와 베리, 그리고 때때로 포자를 가져다주세요!

About the Game

Ninety-nine years ago, mushrooms took to the skies, their spores landing on magical, floating islands and blossomed into a happy, joyous civilization. Unfortunately, every ten years a giant storm passes through the Shroomy Isles and reduces everything to little more than a mycelium and a couple of berry brushes. As the tenth storm looms upon the Isles, the first little storm cloud puts a big idea in the tiniest shroom's head: Unite the shrooms! Fight back against the weather!!
March of the Shrooms is a frenetic, cheery crowd brawler that chronicles the tiny shroom's epic odyssey to unite shroomkind against the coming storm! Punch your way to unity, happiness, and berries for everyone, through a vibrant, effervescent world, full of mysteries, bubbles, and of course, shrooms.

Shrooms Everywhere!

  • Lead the shroomvolution at the head of an entire platoon. Command 30+ shrooms at once.
  • Pick and choose from over 40 distinct species, each with special looks and skill to contribute.
  • Customize the shrooms for brawling, dividing them into squads, each with its own order, size, and purpose.

Dynamic Battlefields

  • Brawl across hand-crafted levels each with their own personalities and gameplay quirks that will keep you on your myc--er, feet.
  • Every chapter is a brand new set of levels, with fresh environments, challenges, and buffs. Floating upgrades, explosive bubbles, and of course, tons of berries to collect.
  • Replay levels on higher difficulties to earn rare items, face completely new encounters, and unlock new upgrades for the tiny shroom's big village.

Frenetic, Accessible Battles

  • Ushering in a new age for shroomkind isn't easy, but fret not. March of Shrooms is designed to be easy to learn, difficult to master, with something for casual and hardcore players alike.
  • Fight the greedy shrooms, not the keyboard. A simple, flexible control scheme lets anyone control the shroom-platoon with ease on both controllers or mouse and keyboard.
  • Choose your Brand™: Color the platoon as soft and squishy like tapioca in bubble tea when you're in the mood to rela - or make it fizzy and bubbly when you're in the mood for a challenge! The shrooms don't judge.

Did We Mention Shrooms? Cause, Shrooms

Seriously, there are so many they'll follow you everywhere, from the map screen, through the village, to the ends of the Shroomy Islands - all hoping that the tiniest shroom will realize their biggest dreams and cover you with their polleny love.
So, whatcha waiting for? Let the march of the shrooms begin!

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운영체제 버전Windows 10
운영체제 버전Windows 10
CPU4세대 Intel Core i3
CPU4세대 Intel Core i3
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