Metaverser is the first multi-platform, play-to-earn, free-to-play virtual world that offers players the opportunity to explore, create, and interact in a vast and immersive 3D environment.

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이 게임은 Blockchain, NFT 기술, 또는 암호화폐를 지원하거나 포함합니다. 모든 거래 및 관련 활동, 게임 내 구매를 위한 결제, 환불, 고객 지원은 이 제품의 퍼블리셔가 취급합니다.

플레이어님들께 암호화폐나 디지털 자산을 구매하기 전에 조사부터 해보실 것을 권고드립니다. 에픽게임즈가 아닌 플랫폼에서 상품을 구매하실 경우 스스로 위험을 부담해야 하며 에픽게임즈는 그 어떠한 암호화폐나 디지털 자산의 구매나 판매도 장려하지 않습니다.

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Metaverser, First Multi-Platform Virtual World

Welcome to Metaverser, the premier virtual shared space for socializing, gaming, and more. As the only multi-platform metaverse in the web 3.0, Metaverser is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for users to join in the fun from anywhere. Metaversers native token is $MTVT, and is listen on LBank, Pancakeswap and Bitmart.
Metaverser is the only blockchain game that doesn't sell NFTs and only players can bring the NFTs to life by the free-to-play in order to use them for more income inside the game or sell them to the other players on the marketplace. This makes the Metaverser the only game that you can genuinely make money compared to the other metaverses.
Here’s where you can find how much our players have earned $BABA in the game. And here’s where you can see the NFTs that the players have made and have sold on the Marketplace.
Metaverser is included in very few blockchain games that has implemented the rent-to-play concept. You can see the players renting out the NFTs on here. This mechanism can help the users that don’t have a lot of time to play, and they can securely rent their NFTs for a limited time and a price of their choice, which can help them in earning as well.
Other than users completing challenges and earning an income inside game, you can win prizes through our weekly Skate park and zombie house challenges as well, with various prizes.
Our metaverse stands out from the competition with its unparalleled customization options, which allow users to fully tailor their avatars and environments to their liking. But Metaverser is about more than just aesthetics. We also offer a wide range of interactive experiences that keep users coming back for more. With activities such as game hub, skate park, zombie house, nature park, and more, there's always something new and exciting to discover. And by completing challenges within these activities, users can earn our in-game token "$BABA". In Metaverser, renting in-game NFTs is going to be an easy and quick process anyone can complete without ever leaving the marketplace. Metaverser is now open to everyone who doesn’t own NFTs, so if you’ve been holding back, now is your chance.
This $BABA token can then be used to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in our NFT shop, which can be sold on our marketplace with $MTVT. And with many of our users earning between the range of $500 - $1000 per month through gameplay, Metaverser is a proven way to generate income. In fact, our users have reported earning more in Metaverser than in other popular metaverses.
Our play-to-earn model doesn't stop there. $MTVT can be swapped for USDT on exchanges like Bitmart and Pancakeswap, allowing users to easily convert their earnings into real-world value.
In addition to all of this, Metaverser is also the first metaverse to integrate Binance Pay into our platform, allowing users to easily and securely make transactions. We also run on the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring lightning-fast and cost-effective transactions.
With state-of-the-art technology, a wide range of engaging experiences, and the added convenience of Binance Pay, Metaverser is the best choice for virtual reality entertainment. Join us today and discover all that our metaverse has to offer!"


Cross-Platform - Being able to crossplay with different platforms
Marketplace - Find assets, and collections to create your own custom experiences.
Game Maker - The ability to create your own games in your lands.
Metaverser Game Hub - The pinnacle of Metaverser.
Zombie House - Earn rewards by killing zombies.
Readyplayerme Avatars - Using face scan to create an avatar of yourself.
Graphics - Enhanced Graphics, Environment.
NFT - No NFT Ownership by Metaverser
Skate Park - Earn rewards by completing Skate challenges.
Weekly Challenges - Tune in and join our weekly challenges for more rare rewards.

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OS version7
OS version10
CPUi5 2.8GHz
CPUi7 2.8GHz
Memory8 GB
Memory8 GB
GPUGeforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
GPUGeforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Storage1 GB
Storage1 GB
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