What kind of game is this?

Monsters of Mican is a first person party-based RPG, colloquially known as a "Blobbler". The game sees your party explore a number of levels, interact with all sorts of objects, doors, levers, chests, etc., and fight lots of monsters in a unique turn-based combat system

What is special about the combat?

Monsters of Mican employs what we call a "recovery" system, in which every action performed by the player characters or enemies carries with it a recovery "time". The system determines who gets to act when based on which characters are finished recovering. Of course, being a turn based game the "recovery" happens instantaneously- the time is simply simulated.
This means that no attacks or abilities have set cooldowns- instead, every ability shares the same "recovery" cooldown.

What do I do if I encounter a bug?

I am the only person working on this game, so there are bound to be a few bugs that I haven't been able to fix yet, and for that I apologize.
If you find yourself stuck in a level, or stuck in a combat encounter, press C/Esc to bring up the character menu and on the top right click the "I'm Stuck" button, which will end any combat encounter and bring you to the start of any level.
If you encounter any other major bug please don't hesitate to contact the support email or report it on the discord server so I can go about fixing it ASAP. The support email is [email protected]

What are the required specs?

I do not have access to many PCs, and the game has undergone limited testing, so I honestly do not know. However, the game is intended to be very light, and includes a ton of video scalability options which can hopefully help it run smoothly on most hardware from the last 10 years or so.
If you really aren't sure if the game can run, I would check and see how your machine handles other UE4 games.

Will there be additional content added?

I am currently planning to add in a post-game bonus dungeon, to go along with the post-game challenge dungeons. I also have tentative plans to add in an "arcade mode" which consists solely of challenge dungeons having specific rules. I cannot offer any release timing for those updates.
I do plan to update the game with bug fixes as I am made aware of new bugs.