RAWMEN: Food Fighter Arena 🍜

RAWMEN은 아레나 슈터 게임에 대하여 새롭고 맛깔나는 아이디어를 제시하는 터무니없는 멀티플레이어 전투 게임입니다. 혼자 또는 친구와 함께 최대 4명의 파티로 전 세계를 무대로 펼쳐지는 음식 기반 전투에서 축제를 즐겨 보세요.
Get ready, Chefs!Join RAWMEN playtest on June 20th and win a legendary Fiery Mitt! Join our Discord and stay tuned!

Play With Your Food!

Wield a culinary arsenal and cause some savory mayhem. Wack em' with mackerel, destroy em’ with dumplings, let loose with a sausage-shooting minigun or tap into your souper chef ultimate ability — these are only a few possibilities with RAWMEN’s menu of items.

Feast or Famine!

Order up some fast food and jump into a 4v4 tournament with your team of four handpicked taste buds (or random players) and compete against others for ultimate culinary supremacy.
If your team comes out on top you can vote to split the winnings...or betray your friends
by voting to compete in a free-for-all Sudden Death round for an even larger slice of the pie.


We got what you need.
RAWMEN adds a chaotic splash of secret sauce to familiar game modes in bizarre locales around the world:
  • Meatball: Become one with the meat and steer the spherical bulk of beef to the goal. Get that meat juice while fending off others.
  • Claim Chowder: Beat off the other team and slurp up more of the soup by getting in the zone and claiming the coveted chowder pot.
  • Broth Battle: Wield our food-based weaponry to eliminate as many opponents as you can.
  • More game types cooking in the oven.

Custom Eyes? Yes. Customize!

Flex your drip and adorn your meat chassis with a wide variety of tattoos, ladles, oven mitts and more. Be glam, be goth, wear rainbows, be hairy, carry ferrets, or carry barely anything at all. The world is your oyster, and you’re the pearl. RAWMEN’s expanding cosmetics collection means an almost incalculable combo of character looks and boundless opportunities to express yourself.

Stir the Pot!

We’re regularly adding fresh ingredients to please your palate. From map updates to weapon changes, cosmetic items and game mode modifications – our tiny dev team is always in the test kitchen working to turn our half-baked ideas into totally-baked fun for RAWMEN.

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OS versionWindows 7 SP1+
OS versionWindows 10
CPUSSE2 명령 집합 지원
CPUSSE2 명령 집합 지원
GPUDX11(셰이더 모델 3.0) 호환 그래픽 카드.
GPUDX11(셰이더 모델 3.0) 호환 그래픽 카드.
DirectXDirectX 11
SoundCard모두 가능!
SoundCard모두 가능!
Additional input device게임패드
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