Save District 3

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"Save District 3" is a sci-fi fighting game. You will save your homeland as a survivor of an invasion
Save District 3In the depths of space, the Third Zone Space Station was suddenly invaded by fully armed mecha-men, and all of the companions were defeated. The only survivor is a brave girl with a lightsaber. She steps forward and takes on the responsibility of rescuing her homeland. You will control her to fight against various powerful enemies, gradually awaken your companions and learn their skills, and rescue your base!

Game Details

The game is a science fiction action game, where players need to use various moves and props, such as blocking, rebounding, dodging, light and heavy attacks, and freely combined moves to defeat the invaders. The enemies will constantly interpret your attack style and launch targeted attacks, dodge or defend, making the battles more challenging.
There are 15 different moves in the game that players can freely combine with light and heavy attacks to create combos and enjoy a smooth combat experience. In addition, there are 8 different enemies with diverse styles, including heavy shield warriors, mecha samurai, chargers, executioners, and more, waiting for your challenge.
You need to gradually liberate the base, awaken your companions, and learn their exclusive combos. In the map, there are various items with different effects waiting for you to collect, which will help you gain an advantage in battle. As the last hope of the team, you need to use wisdom and courage to defeat powerful enemies and complete the mission of saving your homeland.
When you successfully defeat all the invaders, you will find that this is only a part of a bigger conspiracy. Your leader will reveal a bigger plan. In order to maintain the peace of the universe, you need to accept this challenge and face a greater battle!

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OS versionwindow 7
OS versionwindow 10 / 11
CPUIntel® Core™ i3-9100
CPUIntel® Core™i3-12100F
Memory4 GB
Memory8 GB
GPUIntel® Core™ i3-9100
GPUIntel® Core™i3-12100F
Additional input deviceGamepad
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