Shop Tycoon - Prepare Your Wallet

Take on the role of a shop owner in Shop Tycoon! Manage inventory, set prices, and keep customers happy to grow your profits. Upgrade your shop, hire employees, and expand your product range. With challenges and events to keep you engaged, become a successful shop tycoon!
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Shop Tycoon is a store simulator. Start with a small store, then build a huge store with parking lots, offices for employees, a huge fleet of cars.
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Shop Tycoon can be played either as a relaxed fun game with no competition or as a brutal and unforgiving shop simulator where a Gang of "Bandytko" is just waiting to get your money or hurt you.
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Build a supermarket, game store, sex shop or trade good Polish vodka. Build parking lots so that more and more customers come to the store, and you generate more and more income.
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Expand your car fleet to increase the turnover of your store. You can also hire managers to control your fleet and employees.
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Build a bus parking lot, attract even more customers to your wonderful store to increase your income. Also, you can raise the level of the bus and other elements in the game.
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At the beginning, you have to do everything yourself (like a one-person studio Airem), but over time you can start hiring employees, e.g. managers who will perform various activities for you (they will check the products, expiry date etc.), or also security staff who will catch thieves in store. Automate your business and make more money.
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Expand your chain of stores around the world, advertise your store on the Internet, TV or radio. Organize sales and combine it with advertising on the Internet/TV/Radio. When you get into trouble, you can get a loan in various ways.... or close the shop permanently!
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Provide your customers with many amenities such as mobile payments, baskets, club cards and much more.
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Manage employees who can get sick or go on vacation, fire the bastard if he wants a raise... or if he deserves it, give it to him.
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  • Over 30,000 players have already downloaded the game from another popular gaming platform.
  • Celebrities
  • Make your own store
  • Highscores
  • 4 endings
  • 29 languages + Belarusian
  • Own logo (shop, car fleet, etc.)
  • Supported gamepad, mouse or You can use only keyboard
  • Sell vodka (you can sell to kids)
  • Watch out for the sanitary and epidemiological station
  • Save your business from bankruptcy and create a successful, lasting brand for your store.
  • Relaxing music and sounds


  • You have to pay rent every month, taxes etc. :-/
  • Bandytko gang, make life difficult etc :-(

Extra information

The full game has many other features that are not listed here as there is a character limit in the description. Shop Tycoon is inspired by Game Dev Tycoon, Idle Supermarket Tycoon, Play with Me, THE IMPOSSIBLE and also other tycoon games from 90's.

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운영체제 버전Mac OS X 10.8.5
운영체제 버전Mac OS X 10.8.5
CPUIntel Core i5 1.7
CPUIntel Core i5 1.7
메모리2 GB RAM
메모리2 GB RAM
GPURadeon HD 7500G/Intel HD Graphics 3000
GPURadeon HD 7500G/Intel HD Graphics 3000
스토리지1 GB
스토리지1.5 GB
추가 사항Supported all resolutions (21:9, UltraWide etc.)
지원 언어
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