공 하나, 골대 둘, 그리고... 토스트 기계! 토스터볼(Toasterball)에 잘 오셨습니다. 물리엔진에 기반한 멀티플레이 스포츠 게임에서, 선수 노릇을 하는 토스트 기계를 통해 친구들을 상대로 즐겨보세요! 빵들은 사방으로 날아다니고 득점할 때마다 게임플레이가 변화할 것입니다!

Easy to learn, hard to master

The basics of Toasterball are very simple: just press one of the two buttons on your toaster for a short time, release it… and voilà! The longer you press, the higher your toast will fly. Each ejection also makes you jump, allowing you to hop around the field and push your opponent into tight situations. The more you play, the more pro moves you’ll discover, from double-jumping to the deadly “TURBOFLIP”!

Unexpected variants

After each goal, a random gameplay variant is selected. New ball physics, lava pits, portals, moving platforms or explosions… No two matches are the same! The game includes a total of 24 unique variants, not counting modifiers like the size of toasters or the number of toasts which can add even more possibilities.

Iconic arenas

Visit the 5 unique arenas from the game: the legendary Toasterball Arena, the mysterious jungles of the Panachado Forest, the historic Breadington Square street court, the majestic castle of the Tartembourg village and the warm beaches of Porto Rada.

AI toasters

Meet Beep, Boop, and Bleep-Bloop, your new-generation AI toasters. Add them to your matches to fill the empty slot in your team, or for some single player fun!

Custom matches

Enter the "custom mode" to choose any combination of variants and arenas you want. You can change the order in which they’ll be selected, play with miniature toasters or without toasts, and even customize the basic rules of the game, like the number of impacts needed to break a goal’s door, the amount of damage a toaster can withstand, or the number of points needed to win a match.

Legendary athletes

Wether you are team Burners or Defrosters, play as one of the 14 legendary athletes from the Toasterball league! From good old kitchen appliances to high-tech toast-crunchers and ancient bread-warriors, each toaster has its own unique personality and backstory, reflected in their appearance and in little in-game details like the content of their locker or their animated match intro.

획득 가능 업적

로봇의 정복
5 XP
나 여기 있고 너 거기 있지
10 XP
토스트여, 타올라라!
5 XP
난 아침에 빵 타는 냄새가 좋아
50 XP
어디서 타는 냄새 안 나요?
20 XP

Toasterball 시스템 요구 사항



운영체제 버전Windows 7 (64 bits)
운영체제 버전Windows 10 (64 bits)
CPUIntel Core i3 (2nd gen)
CPUIntel Core i5
메모리2 Gb
메모리4 Gb
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 1060
스토리지1 Gb
스토리지1 Gb
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Epic ID
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  • 오디오: 영어
  • 텍스트: 일본어, 한국어, 폴란드어, 포르투갈어(브라질), 스페인어(스페인), 중국어(간체), 영어, 프랑스어, 독일어, 이탈리아어
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