The Triple-i initiative 2024: the game announcements, news, betas, and trailers

Autor: Brian Crecente, Contributor
The inaugural Triple-i Initiative kicked off today with a 45 minute showcase of indie games from a broad range of developers known and unknown.

The packed video highlighted a cross-section of genres, art styles, and development expertise packed into a non-stop stream of goodness.

We kept our eyes peeled to grab the goodies you can find right here on the Epic Games Store. Dig in to see what was announced, showcased, and expanded upon.

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Risk of Rain 2 gets a Dead Cells crossover

An upcoming free update brings a Dead Cells collaboration with Risk of Rain 2.

The Devotion update includes the Prisoner skin for the Mercenary survivor. It also delivers the Verdant Falls stage, and two artifacts: Devotion and Delusion.

Devotion replaces drones with eggs. The eggs can be hatched by surrendering an item, which releases a Lemurian imbued with the effects of what was sacrificed.

Delusion shuts all chests after a teleporter event, allowing the player to reopen them. But to get new items, you have to remember what initially came out of the chest. Get it wrong, and you lose the item.

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My Time at Sandrock gets co-op multiplayer

Farming sim My Time at Sandrock is getting cross platform multiplayer this summer, developer Pathea Games announced.

The news came at the tail end of a new trailer for the game which showcased Sandrock’s upcoming four-player cooperative mode.

A dive into the music of Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

A44 Games delivered a short behind-the-scenes look at the music of upcoming action-RPG open-world adventure Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn.

Composer Eric Hillman talks about the thought behind the game’s music, in particular during the combat scenes.

The game has players arming themselves with guns to take a last stand against the Gods and their armies of the dead.

Darkest Dungeon 2 gets a new stand-alone campaign mode

Developers Red Hook Studios unveiled a new stand-alone campaign game mode coming to Darkest Dungeon 2 as a free update later this year.

In Kingdoms, players protect and nurture their "Kingdom" by defending a crucial network of safe havens and purging dangerous environments of insidious threats. To that end, players can upgrade Inns to bolster defenses, embark on unique quest lines, and fight back against three new monster factions: the Coven, Beastmen, and Crimson Courtiers. Kingdoms also adds new layers of persistent strategy and sacrifice.

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Broken Roads is LIVE

The isometric party-based RPG Broken Roads—rich in story and thick with Australian accents—went live today along with a new trailer to celebrate the moment.

Ravenswatch’s third chapter hits this month

NACON and Passtech Games used the showcase to reveal Ravenswatch’s third chapter, Fall of Avalon, will hit on April 22.

The update to the top-down roguelike action game lets players explore the bastion of Avalon, which has fallen under the yoke of the Nightmare creatures. The chapter also brings a new map to explore, new enemies, a boss, hero talents, and a new game mode.

New DLC coming to Old World

Historical 4x strategy game Old World is getting some new downloadable content in late May with the Behind the Throne DLC.

The update promises to deliver a wealth of new content focusing on character interactions—rivalries, ambitions, and the stresses of ruling an empire.

God and devil-killer 33 Immortals is getting a beta

The intriguing 33-player co-op action-roguelike 33 Immortals is getting a closed beta on May 24.

The beta, which fans can sign up for on, will run through June 2. Those that make it into the beta will earn a chance to unlock an exclusive skin.

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