What platforms will the game be available on?

At the moment, the game will be available only on PC. After the release of the full game it will be ported to consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4.

What is the story of the game?

The game will focus on the conflict between the god of war - Ares, and the god of the dead - Hades. The combating forces of chaos and order strive to rule the world, and their final showdown will take place on the outskirts of the legendary city of Troy.

What type of player is Achilles: Legends Untold for?

Achilles: Legends Untold is a game for every fan of epic gameplay and the action-RPG genre. If you love a good story and the world of Greek myths - this is the game for you!

What languages will the game be in?

During Early Access:
Polish, English, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Spanish Latin, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese - Brazil, Japanese, Italian.

Will there be any microtransactions in the game?

There won’t be any microtransactions in the game.

How long will the game take to complete?

We think that for the average gamer, the Early Access version of the game will take 10-12 hours to complete.
The full release of Achilles: Legends Untold will take roughly 25 hours to complete…the first time 😉

Will there be DLC for the game?

Achilles will be released in Early Access, and we will be updating the game until the full version is released. After the premiere of the full version of the game, it will be constantly expanded with new free content!

Who is developing Achilles: Legends Untold?

The game is developed by Dark Point Games studio - a real forge of creativity, where we unleash ambition to create high-quality video games!

Will the game have difficulty levels? What are the differences between them?

There will be 3 difficulty levels in the full version of the game. The main differences are the damage received, the aggressiveness of the opponents and the GAIA group attack settings.