Dark Journey:The Fate of the Demon King

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It's a turn-based role-playing game, follow the footsteps of the missing general, explore the secrets of the Demon King's existence in the continent, collect the bizarre demonic fire, and embark on the ladder of ascension to pursue your own destiny.

Free DLC "Blood and Fire" has been officially launched

Open up a new area: Lava Inferno, which includes 4 independent maps, 8 brand new enemies, 7 brand new equipment, and new passive skills for all professions. There is more content waiting for you to discover!
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Official discussion QQ group:653793832

Welcome to join the group and play together!

Rich map and event design

Over fifty distinctive maps with multiple types of events interspersed with mechanisms, puzzles, and battles.
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Twisted, grueling, unbelievable adventures

Lots of plot text + fragmented copy to build a complete worldview and game story.

Distinctive career system

The six professions have different battle performance and playing experience, the professional berserker who fights with the help of life force, the only dual-sword stream (can be equipped with two weapons) professional swordsmith, the magnificent and powerful spell master Elementalist, the Spirit Summoner who can summon teammates to fight together, the Sniper God who has the most unique attack method and skill composition, and the only magic and martial arts dual-cultivation profession, Magic Feather.
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Self-determined equipment building routes

There are 9 different types of equipment compartments, hundreds of different pieces of equipment, which can be matched at will, and each piece of equipment can be inlaid with different attribute beads and strengthened by your own choice. Each piece of equipment can be inlaid with different attributes and strengthened by yourself. You can also use "secret treasure" equipment to strengthen specific professional skills.
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A wide variety of props with diverse effects

You can collect various props such as potions, materials, scrolls, key items, etc., and you can also use them for different effects according to your own wishes.
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Easy to play

Simple to operate, play as you go, pause at any time, easy to save and read files, and although there is a lot of text content, there is no mandatory plot dialog that cannot be fast-forwarded, making it suitable for all types of needs.

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OS versionWindows 7
OS versionWindows 10
CPUCore i3
CPUCore i5
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
GPUIGP or better
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