• EndlessRunner-amg3o
This is a Endless Runner game which is an addictive game for ages 3+

About This Game

This Package has additional software -> DirectX Runtime, Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime and EOS (Epic Online Services Bootstrapper) and Easy Anti-Cheat Bootstrapper. These will be automaticly installed when you launch the application for the First Time.
This is a Endless Runner game which is an addictive game for ages 3+ but their is alot of new features which help with gameplay and we have now built into the game they are below:
  • Great high quality Graphics GamePlay from the Game
  • Using the arrow keys to play not A,W,S,D keys
  • Great UI Style + Epic Online Services API's (Login ONLY)
  • UI Versioning Is a great way to detimine that you have the up to date version of the game
  • Great cameara location and alignment so that you have to use your skills to beat the game.
  • This game is good for your mind trying to solve a puzzle

Dostępne osiągnięcia

EOS Login
200 PD
How Far ?
200 PD
How Far 2 ?
200 PD
How Far 3 ?
200 PD
EOS Latest Updates
200 PD

Wymagania systemowe EndlessRunner

Wymagania minimalne


OS versionWindows 10 version 18362.0
OS versionWindows 11 23H2
CPUIntel i3 2.5GHz or AMD Equivlant
CPUIntel i9 5.5GHz or AMD Equivlant
GPUIntel Graphics 4000
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Additional NotesIntergrated Keyboard and Mouse
Konta, na których należy się zalogować
Epic ID
Wersje językowe
  • Dźwięk: Nie dotyczy
  • Napisy: English
Copyright of Luke A'Court as of 2022