Into the Abyss

Discover a new dimension to Melvor Idle as you descend into the Abyssal Realm! Encounter new challenges, unique environments and mechanics while mastering new Abyssal Skills. As you delve deeper, the stakes get higher... but will you rise to glory?
Intel-based Mac users may have issues running the game, and are we working to correct this issue as soon as possible.

Into the Abyss

A new chapter of Melvor Idle unfolds with Into the Abyss! The defeat of Bane has had
unforeseen consequences, shaking the very foundations of the world. This disruption has
caused a massive fracture on the world’s surface – and drawn the attention of a powerful new
adversary. Xon, the Abyssal King, has answered the call of chaos...
Seizing the opportunity to bridge his Abyssal Realm with the overworld, Xon’s goal is clear: to
conquer the overworld with all the might of his vast and fearsome armies. You stand at the
frontline of this new conflict, tasked with the monumental challenge of stopping Xon before his
dark ambitions come to fruition!
This expansion invites you to embark on a treacherous descent ‘Into the Abyss’, encountering
new challenges and mechanics not seen in the base game. As you delve deeper, the stakes get
higher, and the challenges become increasingly difficult. At every stage you’ll encounter unique
environments, a new Combat challenge and a minion of Xon – each more formidable than the

Breakdown of new content:

  • All expansion content is unlocked after the defeat of Bane in the Base Game.
  • Introduction of Abyssal Skill Levels for every base game skill.
  • 60 Abyssal Skill Levels-worth of content for every base game skill.
  • New content for skills to be discovered in the Abyssal Realm.
  • New ‘Damage & Resistance’ mechanic - All Abyssal Monsters deal Abyssal Damage.
  • New Combat Skill - Corruption - exclusive to the Abyssal Realm and its content.
  • New Non-Combat Skill - Harvesting - Exclusive to the Abyssal Realm and its content.
  • Brand new mechanic - Skill Trees - available to all base game Skills in the Abyssal
  • Realm. Acquire Skill Points and unlock passive and permanent bonuses!
  • New Combat Challenge - The Abyss.
  • 900+ new Items.
  • 100+ new Monsters.
  • 20+ new Pets.
  • 12 new Abyssal Combat Areas.
  • 14 new Abyssal Slayer Areas.
  • Introduction of Abyssal Strongholds in Combat.
  • Skill trees for every Skill.
  • 28+ New Abyssal Magic Spells.
  • 30 New Abyssal Prayers.
  • Woodcutting - 12 new Trees.
  • Fishing - 18 new Fish.
  • Firemaking - 12 new Logs.
  • Cooking - 30 new Recipes, includes a new Food Modifiers mechanic.
  • Mining - 15 new Nodes.
  • Smithing - 5 new tiers of Gear.
  • Thieving - 16 new NPCs.
  • Fletching - 5 new tiers of Gear.
  • Crafting - 5 new Tiers of Gear, plus new Rings, Amulets and Consumables.
  • Runecrafting – New Runes, Combination Runes, and 5 tiers of Gear (With variations)
  • Herblore - 20+ new Potions.
  • Agility - Brand new and separate Obstacle Course dedicated to Abyssal content, with 12 Obstacle categories and a Pillar.
  • Summoning - 24 Summoning Familiars, mostly upgrades from the originals, including new/upgraded synergies for all.
  • Astrology - 15 new Constellations.
  • Township - New ‘Abyssal Wave’ mechanic, new buildings, biomes, resources and rewards.
  • Farming - New allotments, herbs, trees and a brand new ‘Special’ category of plots.

Wymagania systemowe Melvor Idle

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Wersja systemu operacyjnegoWindows 7 and later are supported, older operating systems are not supported (and do not work)
Wersja systemu operacyjnegoWindows 10
ProcesorAn Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE2 capable
ProcesorAn Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE2 capable
Pamięć RAM512MB
Pamięć RAM4GB
Karta graficznaIntel Integrated Graphics
Karta graficznaIntel Integrated Graphics
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