What game is Roots Need Control 3.0?

Roots Need Control 3.0 is a defense game that requires protecting root flowers from large corporate coalition forces that threaten root flowers.
We use CrossHair to destroy enemies who threaten the roots.
The longer roots should be shortened to maintain the life of root flowers.
The goal of this game is to get 100% progress.

What is the origin of this game?

Roots Need Control 3.0 originated from "Roots Need Control" produced by Global Game Jam 2023 (Venue: Daejeon Global Game Center) from February 3 to 5, 2023. At that time, the theme of Global Game Jam 2023 was ROOTS, and Roots Need Control was produced in the name of creating a game that manages roots. Roots Need Control 3.0 is the result of further development of the original work.

Is this game only for single play?

No! Local multiplayer mode also exists. Protect the root flower through 2 players!