Gear up for an intergalactic thrill ride! Space Elite Force is a frenzied space-shooter packed with weapon customization and epic boss battles. Take command of your ship and fight for the survival of humanity!
Space Elite Force is a side shooter for up to 2 players in local cooperative mode. With a wide variety of weapons, enemies and improvements to your ship, it presents all the intensity, depth and beautiful handcrafted pixels of a classic side-shooting game. Have fun in insane battles, facing epic bosses and unlocking a wide variety of achievements in one of three game modes, alone or with a friend in local cooperative mode.
  • Fast and intense phases.
  • Insane battles against epic bosses
  • Unlock various achievements.
  • Play with a friend in local cooperative mode! (Requires at least one joystick)
  • Beautiful visuals made with handmade pixels.
  • Full compatibility with controls.
  • Online ranking for each game mode.
  • Available in 2 languages ​​(English, Portuguese)
  • Normal Mode: Classic game experience, immerse yourself in the immersive story of Space Elite Force and try to save the earth from an alien invasion.
  • Hardcore Mode: A frantic and fun mode for more experienced players, try to go through all levels with a single chance.
  • Infinite Mode: Try to get the best score in the ranking in a mode that resembles classic arcade games.

Dostępne osiągnięcia

bee bot
15 PD
battle cruiser
100 PD
25 PD
25 PD
25 PD

Wymagania systemowe SPACE ELITE FORCE

Wymagania minimalne


Wersja systemu operacyjnegoWindows 7/8/10
Wersja systemu operacyjnegoWindows 7/8/10
ProcesorDual Core CPU 2.6 Ghz+
ProcesorDual Core CPU 3.0 Ghz+
Pamięć RAM2GB
Pamięć RAM4GB
Karta graficznaIntel HD Graphics 3000, Radeon HD 4800 Series
Karta graficznaIntel HD Graphics 3000, Radeon HD 4800 Series
Wersja DirectXDirectX 9
Wersja DirectXDirectX 9
Wolne miejsce na dysku700
Wolne miejsce na dysku700
Karta dźwiękowaAny
Karta dźwiękowaAny
Wersje językowe
  • Dźwięk: Nie dotyczy
  • Napisy: chiński (uproszczony), angielski, francuski, niemiecki, włoski, japoński, koreański, portugalski (Brazylia), rosyjski, hiszpański (Hiszpania)
Developed and published by Moraes Tecnologia LTDA (Rising Moon Games). All rights reserved.