Unleash the power of Thermonuclear, the ultimate cyborg machine, in this thrilling sci-fi roguelite turn-based strategy game. Outsmart enemy AI and end the war with procedurally generated levels and upgrades for your base and Thermonuclear. Can you emerge victorious?

About Thermonuclear

Introducing "Thermonuclear," the most advanced cyborg weapon ever created. As a member of a mega-corporation, use this ultimate weapon to defeat your opponents and end the Third World War. With a variety of skills, artifacts, and consumables at your disposal, you must strategically plan your attacks and take advantage of your surroundings to emerge victorious. Explore procedurally generated levels across the globe and face a range of enemies, from mutants in ruined cities to soldiers and robots in military factories. Only by upgrading your cyborg and unlocking new abilities can you defeat the Allfather AI and put an end to the war.

Key Features

Be aware of your surroundings: Maximize your advantage by considering the unique features of your surroundings when planning your attack. Take advantage of the terrain by pushing your enemy off a ledge, or use the environment to your advantage by setting the grass on fire or drenching your character in a puddle to avoid taking damage. Use explosive barrels to your advantage and slide on ice to conserve your Action Points.
Various builds: Maximize your effectiveness by combining various skills, artifacts, consumables, and scars to complete multiple missions and tasks. Find the right balance between your versatile abilities and specialized tools to take on any enemy.
Procedurally generated levels: Take on missions all over the world and face a wide variety of enemies. From the ruins of a city overrun with mutants to a heavily guarded military factory, each location presents its own challenges and requires a unique set of skills and abilities. Be prepared for anything as you journey to complete your objectives.