What is Angelic?

Angelic is a narrative strategy-RPG set in a collaborative and dark sci-fi universe. Experience an immersive dark sci-fi universe that you can govern and contribute to. Angelic is a collaborative intellectual property — we will build and enjoy it together.

Where Can I See More Gameplay?

Gameplay videos can be found on our our official Youtube
channel. We also recommend you to join our Discord
server and stay tuned for exclusive gameplay events!

Is the Game Available on Only PC?

Angelic will be initially available on PC. We are aiming at next-gen consoles as a next step. Switch and mobile versions and companion apps are also being planned in the long run.

How Angelic Implements Blockchain Technologies and Why?

Since 2016, our dream was creating a collaborative, decentralized and democratized intellectual property by integrating our community to the universe and game we develop. By doing that, we were hoping to turn Angelic into something way bigger and better. A universe which would be designed, governed and owned not just by the developers, but also by its community.
That was the reason why we chose Metaverse Game Studios as a name, years before all the hype around that word began.
Angelic is not a play-2-earn game. Angelic utilizes blockchain technology with a far larger and sustainable vision. We believe blockchain can enhance the experience, expand the capabilities of the game and empower our communities.
We promise we never implement any pay2win, play2earn or any other toxic and unsustainable business models. We promise we always utilize environment-friendly blockchain technologies.
Please refer to our litepaper
for details.

Do I Need a Blockchain Wallet or NFTs to Play?

No wallet, NFTs or anything else required to play the game. You do not have to interact with blockchain elements at all.
Single-player campaign (Angelic: Dark Symphony) will be a premium game and you need to purchase it.
Angelic: The Chaos Theatre is a free tactical multiplayer module of Angelic. Once you sign up for it, starter pack heroes will be automatically given to you. By simply playing, you can unlock additional heroes. You do not need any NFTs to start or play.

How is Blockchain, NFT, or Cryptocurrency used in Angelic?

We are primarily using blockchain to build the main governing body of the universe, the Council of the Angels. For more details, please refer to the question "What is a DAO? How Does Angelic's DAO Work?".
NFTs are optional. We are not selling any NFTs, but our players can convert their in-game assets to on-chain items if they wish.
When an off-chain item (e.g., a hero variation) is converted to an on-chain item by players, it technically becomes a smart contract that is secured by the selected blockchain. These contracts are commonly known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). From the game's perspective, these are still the same. However, we refer to them as "on-chain items" as soon as they become smart contracts.
Please remember that all blockchain features in our games are optional. Blockchain features do not provide any competitive advantage.
Cryptocurrencies can be used as an alternative payment option. The support level and supported cryptocurrencies depend on the platform, territory, and relevant regulations. We currently support stablecoins like USDT or USDC, but do not support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum as payment options.

What Utility Does This Bring to the Product?

Blockchain features allow our fans and players to help us govern the universe via DAOs. They can contribute to the IP by securely creating and generating content, fairly monetizing it if they wish, or participating in the ecosystem by becoming a professional player, cosplayer, roleplayer, etc., while enjoying the additional security and transparency provided by blockchain technology. Players can also convert their in-game assets to on-chain items, but we believe this is just a side utility that may be beneficial in certain conditions and is not the primary benefit of blockchain technology. The most exciting features are about onboarding our awesome community as our collaborators, unleashing their creativity to supercharge our IP and unlock fair rewards for all.
To understand the full potential and beauty of the blockchain features of Angelic, please check out "Part 6: The Council of the Angels" and "Finale: We are All in this Together" sections in our litepaper

Does Angelic Require Me to Connect an External Wallet? What Wallets does Angelic Support?

No, you do not need to connect a wallet or use any blockchain features to enjoy the game. However, if you would like to use optional blockchain features, you can use our integrated wallet or any of the supported external wallets. Initially, we will only be supporting the Phantom wallet on Solana. Blockchain features will be disabled at launch, as we are focusing on core gameplay and balancing issues. We will announce when optional blockchain features will be released at a later date.

Can I Play Angelic without Interacting or Engaging with Blockchain, NFT, or Cryptocurrency?

Yes. All blockchain features are optional and do not provide any competitive advantage in terms of gameplay or progression.

What Chain Does Angelic Use? Is the Chain Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake?

Angelic is a chain-agnostic project. We will partner with any chain that is prioritizing the game industry; offers robust support to Angelic and its community; provides player-friendly solutions and fees, and shares our long-term vision. Angelverse tokens will be on Solana, and Angelic in-game assets can be converted to on-chain items on both, Solana and Ethereum. We will announce if we onboard more chain partners. Keep in mind that the CoA also dictates which chains we need to support.
Both Solana and Ethereum are proof-of-stake, which is the most energy-efficient mechanism. As an example, each Solana transaction uses about the same energy as a few Google searches.
We only partner up with environmentally friendly blockchains.

What is a DAO? How Does Angelic's DAO Work?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are core elements in the Angelic metaverse. We, Metaverse Game Studios, promised our players to collaboratively craft the intellectual property and the game, so naturally DAOs (hence, the community and its governance rights over the game) is and will always be significantly important.
The Council of the Angels is the main DAO body of the Angelic. $ANGL – Angelverse token holders will have voting rights in the Council, owning a unique title in the game, too.
"Part 6 - The Council of the Angels" section in our litepaper
offers additional details on this subject.

Does Angelic Product Have a Marketplace? What Can I Do with the Things That I Earn (or Purchase)?

Angelic is not a play-to-earn or pay-to-win game. You can unlock and obtain all the assets and items by simply playing.
Players can safely trade items (on-chain or off-chain, up to you) between each other. When you unlock a hero or hero variation, or when you do not want to use one of your heroes anymore, you can optionally trade them away. By doing so, you can utilize your asset to perhaps obtain the one you prefer.
Apart from the optional asset trading mechanism, which will be enabled at a later date when the marketplace goes live, you can also be rewarded with various in-game assets or ANGL tokens by the developer or publisher companies or by the community when you achieve certain goals or contribute to the universe. The Council of the Angels, governing primary DAO of the universe, might want to reward contributors like role-players or content creators, or top performing esport players by gifting some assets and tokens. These assets might have monetary value, and they always have strategic in-game utilities. It is up to you how to utilize these assets when you obtain them. For example, you can use your Angelverse (ANGL) tokens to join the council and get voting rights to help us govern the universe, or you can utilize them to form your own DAO bodies to facilitate a guild, or you can spend them to create new heroes, items or vehicles.
Angelic is yours. You decide how to play.

How Do I Contact Support?

You can get in touch with us through our Discord
or email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you usually within 48 hours.