Citizen Conflict

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Team-based hero shooter Citizen Conflict merges fast-paced gameplay with esports intensity for ultimate competitive action.

Este é um jogo em Acesso Antecipado

Jogos em Acesso Antecipado ainda estão em desenvolvimento e podem mudar significativamente com o tempo. Como resultado, você pode enfrentar problemas imprevistos ou ver a adição de elementos de jogabilidade completamente novos enquanto joga.

Você pode jogar agora para experimentar o jogo enquanto ele é feito ou aguardar para uma experiência mais completa.

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Este é um jogo Blockchain/NFT

Este jogo é compatível com ou inclui tecnologia NFT, Blockchain ou criptomoedas. Todas as transações e atividades relacionadas, pagamentos por compras dentro do jogo, reembolsos e atendimento ao cliente são responsabilidade da editora do produto.

Antes de comprar criptomoedas ou ativos digitais, os jogadores devem fazer sua própria pesquisa. Os jogadores fazem compras em lojas de terceiros por sua própria conta e risco, e a Epic Games não encoraja a compra ou venda de qualquer criptomoeda ou ativo digital.

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What is Citizen Conflict?

Web2 quality meets Web3 innovation. Cyberpunk-themed F2P hero shooter Citizen Conflict introduces players to a dystopian on the brink of extinction. Leave your mark in the post-collapse world and reclaim the glory in the virtual battle arenas.
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Takeover — A New Twist of the Map Domination

Familiar with the conquest mode? We bring a new, exciting way to get the most out of Citizen Conflict. The Takeover is a highly competitive game mode focused on team synergy, tactics, and strategic work with hero classes. The point is to take over the majority of control locations and, thus, gain dominance over the entire map. The Takeover is a perfect amalgamation of tactical team organization and high-octane combat chaos with raining bullets and unhinged battle shrieks.
Takeover game mode sees two or three rival teams facing each other. At the beginning of each round, the combating teams start grouped at the opposite sides of the map, with no control locations under their rule. The ultimate goal is to reach the target benchmark of points first to win the round. The team gets points for every kill, assist, and taking over ‌control locations.
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Esports-ready game maps

Elite Enclave
Elite Enclave offers a battleground of contrast, with luxurious modern architecture set against a backdrop of rugged mountains. Precision and tactical cover are key in this lavish yet unforgiving terrain. Its hillside location ushers us to shinier parts of Ether Islands, with a glimpse at the luxurious lives of the social pinnacle. Take out your battle-scarred hero and plunder their homes.
Citizen Conflict-hanis
District throws you into the heart of urban decay, where the streets tell stories of chaos. Sharp angles and tight corners make every encounter a potential ambush.
Citizen Conflict-3et3x
New Pressburg
The new attire of Bratislava brought what the city was always all about — an amalgamation of brutalist Soviet shapes and the glowing lights of the futuristic architecture surrounding a cozy historical center. Traverse the hauntingly quiet courtyards and decrepit buildings of New Pressburg. This map challenges you to master its complex verticality and crumbling facades to outmaneuver opponents.
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Arctic Lab
Sub-zero temperatures and cutting-edge technology define the Arctic Lab. Engage in icy warfare amongst snow drifts and high-tech equipment, where every step could be a slippery slope to defeat.
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Sleek and fancy, Poseidon Hotel is a portrait of luxury and wealth. But don’t be misled. Despite its magnificent looks, Poseidon Hotel is cursed with a grim fate and murderous history. Ascend to the Poseidon map, a sky-high battleground set amidst towering peaks. Three interconnected skyscrapers form a vertical maze that challenges you to fight above the clouds, where the risk is as great as the fall, and every floor holds the key to control.
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Playable Classes

Power up your team play with four classes, think over the strategy, and rule the pinnacle of the leaderboard. Every hero class has a special ability, a set of weapons and gadgets, as well as respective heroes. Meet the rapid strike of the Assault Class, the stubbornness of the Support Class, the healing powers of the Medic Class, and finally, the tricks and ploys of Specialists. The class you master is the class that matters.
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The endgame is to infest the Ether Islands with weapons above and beyond your imagination, from furious machine guns, heavy-hitting shotguns, cheeky pistols, and snipers to melee weapons. Our game designers are brimming over with somber creativity to fulfill the cyberpunk potential of Citizen Conflict.
For engaging users, here are a few of the weapons you can unlock through progression.
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Battle Pass

The Season 0 Battle Pass enhances the gaming journey by providing players with additional rewards, such as exclusive cosmetics and in-game assets. To unlock these bonuses and progress through the tiers, players need to collect stars. Stars are earned by consistently winning games and diligently completing daily and weekly tasks.
  • Skill-based progression
  • Fistfuls of exclusive content
  • Additional gaming immersion levels
  • Skip the drill and reap rewards
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In-game Treasures

A chest full of treasures that puts your luck to the test? All the way! Citizen Conflict keeps on bringing seasonal loot boxes tightly packed with various valuables and exclusive in-game content. So far, all the early Citizens had a chance to put their hands on Syndicate Box, Alpha 3.0 Box, while now it’s your turn to craft unprecedented gems locked inside the metal construction of Season 0 Loot Box. Only your darkest fantasies can conceive what lies ahead of the next loot box season.
  • Tons of fun powered by luck factor
  • Exclusive “never be minted again” content
  • Valuable NFTs and Tickets
  • A shortcut to the most iconic NFTs for peanuts
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Classificações dos jogadores da Epic

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Requisitos de sistema de Citizen Conflict



OS versionWindows 8
OS versionWindows 10 or newer
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD 2.5Ghz
CPUQuad-core Intel or AMD 3.5Ghz or faster
Memory8GB RAM
Memory16GB RAM or more
GPUNVIDIA RTX 3060 or newer
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 12
Storage20GB or more
Additional NotesMake sure to always have up-to-date drivers for your GPU and latest Windows updates.
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