Immerse yourself in Cynosure, battling rogue AI in six captivating arenas. Explore a cyberspace full of secrets.

Fight a rogue AI in a world full of secrets with 6 captivating arenas

In the near future, in 2025. A rebel AI, Cynosure, begins to take control of the Net. A technology allows you to dive into this world and embody a "Spectre" in order to fight the subprograms which constantly attack and destroy the data fortress. The world materializes as Cynosure learns about the world. The initiative was completely different at the start. Discover the story as you play.

Requisitos de sistema de Cynosure



Versão do SOWindows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Versão do SOWindows 10
ProcessadorProcesseur Quad-Core 3,2 GHz
Placa de vídeoGeforce 1060 and Higher / Radeon RX 580 and Higher
Placa de vídeoHigher
DirectXDirectX 11
Armazenamento2 GO
Dispositivos adicionaisGamepad, Joystick
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Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: Inglês
  • Texto: Inglês
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