Dark Table CCG

Dark Table CCG is more than just a card game. It is multiplayer card gaming re-imagined: Free-to-play, online 4-player, unrivaled instant deck-building, and a focus on social atmosphere and table politics.
Dark Table CCG is more than just a card game. Free-to-play, Online 4-player, Superior Deck-building, and Unparalleled customization.
Set in a grim Lovecraftian theme, Dark Table brings a unique strategic experience with up to 4 players battling in a free-for-all, using temporary alliances and mutual interest to get ahead. Select your leader and build your deck around it to survive the onslaught and claim your world.
-Online 4-Player-
One of the features that sets Dark Table apart from other digital CCG’s is the ability to play with up to 4 players in a Free-For-All. Most digital CCGs are 1v1 and boring. The 4-player concept brings so much more fun and chaos to the game, allowing for very unique strategies, and giving casual players a better chance at winning.
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-Unrivaled Deckbuilding-
One annoyance of other digital CCG’s is the reliance on packs, loot boxes, or endless grinding to build the deck you want. Dark Table CCG takes a different approach; all cards can be bought with in-game currency, paid currency, or deck tokens so you can focus on the fun of deck-building.
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-Skeleton Key-
There is also an incredible option to buy the Skeleton Key, an in-game item that unlocks all the cards in the game for you, including future sets. Never worry about buying cards again, and focus more on collecting art, unlockables, and achievements. The Skeleton Key grants 4x of each card in all current and future sets, these are added to the cards you earn in-game or ones you have already purchased.
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Most card game players IRL like to have a certain level of customizability to their cards and board to show off to other players. They usually like to buy colored or themed sleeves for cards, unique dice, and playmats with artwork on them for their board. Other digital CCGs have failed in this area, and Dark Table CCG intends to deliver.
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Conquistas disponíveis

Knowledge Banker
Stone Mason
90 EXP
Gifted Damager

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OS versionWindows 10
OS versionWindows 10
DirectXDirectX 11
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