Delicious Dungeon

Delicious Dungeon is a combination of action-adventure and simulation game. The player is the owner of a restaurant in a fantasy world. But to run the restaurant they have to explore dungeons full of dangers to get the ingredients needed to cook delicious meals for their guests.
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Delicious Dungeon combines dungeon adventuring with culinary simulation to give you the fantasy meals you can’t find anywhere else.

You are an innovative restaurateur in a fantastical world. But to supply your kitchen, you must explore dangerous dungeons and conquer delicious enemies to acquire the ingredients needed for your culinary masterpieces!
Surviving in a fantasy world is hard. (No 24 hour groceries or food delivery services.) You have your own cozy restaurant and homestead. But that’s not enough to satisfy the adventurous tastes of your customers and yourself. You need fresh, exciting ingredients to use in your dishes, and the fastest, cheapest way to get them is by going dungeon-diving.
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The Dungeon

Explore the woods! Fight monsters! Loot them for ingredients! Forage for plants and other hidden treasures. Boss monsters can offer a generous restock and even some rare materials!
Too busy to butcher your way through the dungeon? Hire the local adventure's guild! They will gladly take it upon themselves to bring you the ingredients, for the right price (and maybe a complimentary dinner?)
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The Restaurant

Manage your resources wisely! Plan the dinner based on what you have in your larder. Master several cooking techniques through mini-games. Don’t worry, your fellow villagers know that good food takes time, they’re not going to rush you. But don’t be fooled by their rustic ways, some are food critics at heart, so quality is key! They’re not going to pay for a bad meal.
Don’t want to spend your nights in the kitchen? Hire helpers to do the cooking for you! However, you still have to take care of the menu and the evening opening, it's still your restaurant after all.
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The Village

You can’t have a restaurant without customers! Here, you can get to know your clientele, and do some impromptu market research: find out what they think of your restaurant, what foods they want to try, or what their favorite dishes are.
You can also go to local vendors to improve your cooking utensils, or buy new spices, or hire helpers.
All done for the day? Then hit the sack to save your progress and get ready for another day in the delicious dungeon!
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Requisitos de sistema de Delicious Dungeon



OS versionWindows 7 (SP1+) , Windows 10 and Windows 11
OS versionWindows 7 (SP1+) , Windows 10 and Windows 11
CPUx86, x64 architecIntel i5 Quad-Coreture with SSE2 instruction set support
CPUIntel i5 Quad-Core
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUIntel HD 4000
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 11
Additional input deviceGamepad
Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: N/D
  • Texto: English, German
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