Dinosaurs have returned in this retro survival horror crisis.

Dinosaurs have returned in this retro survival horror crisis.

BEWARE: DINOBREAK looks, plays, and sounds like a survival horror game made in 1999. It is a truly retro experience made for folks who miss that bygone era. Only proceed if you're ready to return to the world of true survival horror!
The crises of the past return in DINOBREAK as dinosaurs overwhelm a metropolitan city on a fateful night in 1999. Band together with survivors across the city to uncover the origins of the onslaught, and find a path to safety. DINOBREAK looks, sounds and plays like a '90s-era survival horror game. Cheesy acting, extreme gore, exhilarating action, and resource management await as you fight through hordes of dinosaurs to escape alive. Take one last trip to the world of survival horror in this one-of-a-kind adventure.
  • Multiple difficulty modes, including the all new Assisted and Easy options to allow all players to enjoy the adventure!
  • Switch between fixed camera, over-the-shoulder, or first person shooter modes at any time during gameplay.
  • Classic survival horror mechanics meld with intense action and hordes of monsters.
  • Extremely cheesy and stiff voice acting to bring the past alive.
  • Experience the entire story in a narrative driven classic campaign.
  • Hit the arcade in Operation: Feral Raptor, a non-stop action packed bonus mode across the entire city.
  • Limited inventory space, and limited saving, will keep you on your toes.
  • Extreme gore paints the city in blood as the dinosaur's rampage unfolds.

Conquistas disponíveis

A Patch to Safety
25 EXP
Catching Up
20 EXP
Combat Evolution
15 EXP
Cutting Edge
25 EXP
Dino Chow
10 EXP

Requisitos de sistema de Dinobreak



OS versionWindows (7/8/10) 64-bit
OS versionWindows (7/8/10) 64-bit
CPUCore i5
CPUCore i7
Memory4GB Ram
Memory8GB Ram
GPUGeforce GTX 1080 or AMD equivalent.
GPUGeforce RTX 2080 or AMD equivalent.
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
Additional input deviceGamepad
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Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: English
  • Texto: English
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