Why Early Access?

In Dreadful River the player explores a vast meandering river on a raft, fighting off enemy forces while trying to keep the crew alive. In addition to core gameplay features, we have lots of ideas that will get implemented in future updates. In the past SureAI has worked on several open world RPG titles Dreadful River has a smaller scope than previous titles but it's designed to be an open framework which makes it easy to expand for the whole timeframe of the project's lifecycle. The world design includes design and gameplay principles that were popular from previous projects. By receiving input from the community, we strive to create something engaging to play and fun to explore.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

At this point the game has been in development for approximately two years. This time has been used to create the core systems and to provide a solid ground for further additions. Another year of development will be needed to realize the full potential of the project. Naturally there will be regular updates, both in gameplay and content, while the game is in the Early Access phase. Nevertheless we also plan on improving and expanding the game in the post-release phase.

What are the features of the current Early Access version?

  • Explore the ever changing river with different bioms that will be different each run
  • Fight a wide variety of enemies and factions that will try to stop your journey
  • Conquer enemy forts on your way down the river
  • Hire different crew members with varying abilities
  • Find new equipment to strengthen your force
  • Craft new items and learn new skills
  • Trade items with different merchants along the river, in towns or villages
  • Upgrade your vessel and provide more room for your crew
  • Day night cycle, weather effects, there is wildlife too!
  • Explore different dungeons, caves, ruins and ancient structures below the surface
  • Complete the crown by collecting all the crown stones and learn mighty abilities

What will be added in Early Access?

While in early access we will add
  • A new underworld biome with new challenges
  • A bunch of new dungeons, ruins, caves
  • New foes and factions will roam the river
  • New siege weapons to purchase
  • More loot, spells and gear will be added
  • More crafting blueprints and cooking recipes

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

The games pricing will change over time. As new game elements and features are implemented, the selling price of the game will most likely rise at certain points in development. At least the final release version the game will be priced higher.