Why is this game in Early Access?

The game is currently at the Early Access stage because we still have a lot of features to develop before calling it a finished product, however, we believe the quality of the game at its current stage is enjoyable and solid for being distributed.

When should the game be completed?

We expect to launch a full version of this game (with at least the single-player campaign ready) by the Q1 or Q2 of 2024

If it's early access Why it isn't free?

We thought a lot about this, we think the game is good enough to be sold, but we are aware that Early access may scare people to actually buy it. However, we can say that the game is fully functional and we put a lot of effort into the development process.

When you update the game, will my progress be kept, or should I start over again?

Some updates may lead to lost progress (Especially the ones called "Config Updates"). However, these changes will be notified through our social media platforms. This issue however will be dealt in one of the updates before the release

I saw the game in the Apple Mac Store, but I don't see any MacOS version in the Epic Game Store. Why is it?

We are still evaluating the possibilities for our current Mac release, for now only Windows PC version will be available from this store

Will this game have multiplayer some day?

Our efforts right now are at least to give you a whole single-player experience. Multiplayer is one of the things in our wishlist, and it may happen in the future.

I see your game uses AI for the images. Are you aware the usage of AI might lead to some copyright problems? How are you dealing with "stolen styles"?

We can assure you that in generating images for our game, we passed several prompts and iterations before deciding on a final picture. From our perspective, the results are a mixture of several styles refined by the numerous iterations before getting to our final result.

I loved the game, and I want to be up to date with news and/or offer my support to the team (Reporting bugs. giving feedback or cheering the team up)

We would love to hear from the players. Please feel free to check all our social media and also our discord server. https://discord.gg/C6zEqgQY

I see the game has no tutorial. Where can I learn how to play