What is Fading Faith?

Fading Faith is a Dungeon Crawler Roguelike Survival FPS game that is currently in Early Access. This means it's still under development, but we're already offering it to players like you for an early look and chance to play at a lower price.

Will the price of Fading Faith increase after Early Access?

Yes, the price of Fading Faith will increase as I add more substantial content and features during Early Access. Purchasing the game on the Early Access release date offers the best value, as you'll gain access to all future updates and the full release version at no additional cost.

How often will Fading Faith be updated?

I'm actively developing Fading Faith and plan to release updates frequently, aiming for several substantial updates per month. These updates will introduce new features, story content, bug fixes, and balance adjustments based on community feedback.
Main big upcoming updates are:
  • Level Editor: Create levels within game rules and parameters adjusting time for bells, enemies and puzzles.
  • Multiplayer: PvP mode where players start each match on equal footing with no progression carried over. Dungeon rules also applies by infestation after time when the bells ring.

Should I buy Fading Faith now?

Fading Faith is a dark medieval dungeon crawler that emphasizes challenging gameplay and rewarding experiences. Even in Early Access, the core gameplay loop of venturing into procedurally generated and handcrafted levels, solving puzzles, and overcoming enemies is highly replayable. Permadeath is a core mechanic, so each attempt through a level is unique and surviving even a single level can be a rewarding accomplishment. If you're up for a challenging and engaging experience, and you enjoy being part of the development process, then purchasing Fading Faith during Early Access is a great option. By buying early, you'll benefit from the best price point and gain access to all future updates, including the planned Level Editor and Multiplayer features, at no additional cost.