Molten Horn

Molten Horn: A hardcore turn-based strategy rogue-like. Explore random locations, push enemies into traps, upgrade your character, or assemble a team. Each run presents new challenges to defeat the fearsome Molten Horn. Every move counts in this thrilling quest!
Chaos ensues in a realm plagued by a curse from the spilled blood of a fallen god. People and animals transform into monsters, while the dead rise from their graves. As one of the resurrected, your mission is to halt the curse's advance and vanquish the Molten Horn, restoring balance to the land. Embrace your turn-based prowess and face this challenging quest head-on!


🟢 Combat system: Use your surroundings, push enemies into traps, and move correctly in combat to maximize your options. Every cell on the map is important.
Molten Horn-5l9gs
🟢 Builds: Set up a build on bleed, poison, lightning, pushback, summoning allies, weapon damage, potions, economy, or freeze. The game is full of passives, abilities, and weapons from which you can build something extraordinary.
Molten Horn-pzm8e
🟢 Enemies: Each enemy has its own special feature: Hounds hit only diagonally, skeletons fall asleep after taking damage, Plague Zombies explode after contact with the hero and many more.
Molten Horn-7n6vp
🟢 Replayability: Play the game as 4 characters with different gameplay. Unlock all 6 difficulty modifiers to defeat the True Final Boss.
🟢 Rogue-like: Random level generation, random loot, and permanent death!