Pirates Outlaws

A roguelike card game in which you navigate dangerous seas and challenge their masters. Your expedition will be full of ambushes and will not be easy. Build your deck and combos to become a reputed pirate.

Pirates Outlaws

16 heroes available with unique abilities and pre-made decks. More than 700 cards and 230 relics to collect. Play your cards and manage your Ammo for the best combo. Defeat 150+ outlaws and 60+ unique bosses in a turn-based combat system.
3 game modes can be enjoyed.


In Navigate mode you manage your expedition on varied horizons to discover and battle pirates and outlaws that stand on your path. You can unlock up to 7 maps and chapters with their own difficulty and secret.
Once repute reaches 9999, Hard Mode auto-unlock. Harsher environments and stronger enemies. Each chapter also has its unique challenge in Hard Mode.


In the dust of the arena, you will face every 10 battles a powerful Champion. To reach the top, you must choose among the cards and relics from all 7 chapters. A place for all pirates in need of challenge.


Test your strength and knowledge over a drink at the tavern. Choose pre-made packages before each battle and defeat the wave of pirates. After the 2 battles, defeat the imposing Tavern Keeper.

Conquistas disponíveis

Long Long Journey
Ten Thousand Bodies
10 EXP
The More the Merrier
10 EXP
Iron Rooster
Second Life

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Notas e avaliações: Pirates Outlaws

por Becca S.
8 / 10
Lacklustre animation aside, Pirates Outlaws is a great addition to the strategy card game genre.
God is a Geek
por Chris White
8 / 10
Pirate Outlaws is an engrossing deck builder, with plenty of cards to unlock and multiple challenges to endure through fluid gameplay.
Video Chums
por Alex Legard
7 / 10
Pirates Outlaws is pretty fun once you start unlocking things and there's a lot of stuff to do in the form of quests, feats, earning repute, trying out characters, and beating the alternate game modes. There's enough content to keep swashbucklers invested for dozens of hours but for me, the core gameplay just isn't fun enough to keep me entertained.
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Requisitos de sistema de Pirates Outlaws



OS versionWindows® 7/10
OS versionWindows® 7/10
CPUIntel i5
CPUIntel i5
Memory2 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUNvidia GTS 450
GPUNvidia GTX 750 Ti
DirectXDirectX 9
Storage1 GB available space
Storage1 GB available space
SoundCardDirectSound Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
SoundCardDirectSound Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
Additional input deviceGamepad
Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: N/D
  • Texto: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Spain), Russian
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