Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy is a fun-house horror experience where you must find your wife's purse and a way off the church property before the prankster ghost gets you!

Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy is a short-but-sweet, funhouse-horror adventure about a man on a quest to retrieve his wife's purse she mistakenly forgets in the local cemetery. Using your trusty dashboard flashlight, in the middle of the night, gulp, explore the church grounds while evading a sinister "presence!"
Explore the church grounds!
While trying to find your wife's purse, you will explore the old creaky halls of the nuns' living quarters, search through office's and even make your way through the depths of the creepy crypts!
Escape Tall Poppy!
Tall Poppy has a tendency to chase all who enter his domain, so try not to make too much noise!
Some say this ghost has a way of following people home...

Requisitos de sistema de Tall Poppy



OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
OS versionWindows 11 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i5 4xxx or equivalent
CPUIndel Core i7
GPUGTX1500 or higher
DirectXDirectX 9
DirectXDirectX 11
Additional input deviceGamepad
Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: English
  • Texto: English
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