The Dark Tower

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This is a traditional bomber combat mode and arena shooting into a furnace of Rougue maze exploration games, players will play a warrior into the dark tower, full of monsters and threats in the tower gradually uncover its hidden secrets
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Game producer: Zhi Ke class 1902 Qiao Yuancheng

  • Maze Exploration
  • Explore the programmed Dark Tower: Explore the Dark Tower full of danger, but don't get lost! Oh no, you must be lost, like those warriors trapped forever in the dark tower
  • Game background
  • This is an old story where you play as a warrior who breaks into a demon tower and is ordered by a king to try to reach the top of the dark tower to defeat the demon king and save the princess, but you will find that things are not so simple; In the game, players will collect items, uncover mysteries, destroy monsters, dig for buried treasures in the magic tower, and explore a constantly changing dark tower trapped at the end of time in a cycle of killing and exploration
  • Game mechanics
  • Bomberman mechanic: You play as a warrior who can plant bombs and use them to destroy monsters and clear obstacles along the way; Different from the traditional Bomberman mechanic, players can use the gold collected in the Dark Tower to continuously strengthen and give bombs special properties (and even change the original explosion mechanism of the bomb), the game also retains the classic Bomberman basic attributes (blast distance and number of bombs can be placed at one time).
  • Arena Shooting: The player has a ghost pistol that can kill alien monsters. While the player uses bombs to fight the real world monsters in the tower, alien monsters come from all sides to try to kill the player, but killing them gradually restores lost health
  • Game Features
  • New 3D: Although this is a top-down view game, the game has a new 3D, dark style, and the in-game camera will follow the player and make the appropriate 3D rotation based on the player's movement, allowing the player to focus on the in-game scene
  • Maze Exploration & Procedural Generation: Players are free to explore every corner of every layer of the Magic Tower, solve puzzles in the tower and collect any items that can make the character stronger. Every area players explore will be generated by the program without any possibility of repetition; There is no clear play requirements and linear flow in the game, players can explore the unknown corners and corners of the magic tower according to their preferences in the game, and constantly discover new surprises
  • Castlevania: The in-game parts of the scene include ability locks and loop explorations
  • No death penalty: Players won't lose any stats or skills gained after they die. Players don't need to worry about the death penalty of losing progress and losing the desire to explore the maze. They just need to keep the original mentality of casual games and go to the deepest part of the Dark Tower. However, specific progress may be lost in specific, Rouguelike mechanic scenarios
  • One Blood Mechanic: Combat has no numerical mechanic, and all monsters in the game die immediately after taking damage (some special monsters may trigger special effects), which means that if you're clever enough, you can get through the game without having to rely on item bonuses, which is in keeping with the Rouguelike's difficulty setting
  • From a developer
    I am a student affiliated to the virtual reality training base. Out of my love for maze puzzle games and ability training of Unity3D engine, I made such a game. I'm not particularly good at game design myself, and I know it's a big challenge for me; During the process of production, I learned from many successful examples, such as Hades, Dead Cell, Caseltes, and Super Bomber R, referring to these successful developers' unique understanding of game mechanics design. I am very happy that I can learn a lot from this process. There should still be some problems in my game. If these problems cause you trouble during the game, I am very sorry for this. I will constantly improve all the problems in the game and inject more new content into it in the subsequent learning process

Requisitos de sistema de The Dark Tower



OS versionRequires a 64-bit processor and an operating system
OS versionRequires a 64-bit processor and an operating system
CPUintel i5-3450/i5-4440/i3-6300
CPUintel i5-6600K/i7-2600K
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory8 GB RAM
GPUGTX 1660-Ti/RTX 2060
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 11
StorageRequires 5 GB of free space
StorageRequires 5 GB of free space
Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: Chinese (Simplified), English
  • Texto: Chinese (Simplified), English
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