Jump into a stunning 3D world in a FREE, nostalgic 2D platformer! Fight and explore your way through an amazing student-made adventure!
Student Made ProductThis game was designed and developed by high school students at the Davis Catalyst Center.

Dive headfirst into a captivating fusion of classic 2D platforming and stunning 3D environments!

Unescape invites you to embark on a nostalgic journey, where pixel-perfect jumps and thrilling challenges await amidst breathtaking levels.

Rediscover the Thrill of Retro Platforming

Unleash your inner child as you master the art of running, jumping, and fighting your wary through intricately designed levels. Unescape captures the essence of classic platformers, delivering that satisfying gameplay we all know and love, but with a modern twist.

Explore a World Beyond Imagination

Prepare to be transported to a sprawling, semi-open world where lush forests meet towering mountains and mysterious caves beckon you to explore. Unescape's 3D environments aren't just backdrops – they are living, breathing landscapes that pull you deeper into the adventure. Every corner turned reveals a new vista, a hidden path, or a secret waiting to be unearthed.

Face Your Foes

The path to victory won't be easy. A diverse cast of enemies stands in your way, each with their own unique behaviors and attacks. From the fiery rage of the Fireball Demons to the swift strikes of the Sword Demons, you'll need to adapt your strategies and reflexes to overcome each challenge. Even the seemingly harmless Bats and Rats can pose a threat if underestimated!

Epic Boss Battles Await

Steel your nerves and prepare for the ultimate test of your platforming prowess. Unescape's epic boss battles will push your skills to the limit, demanding precision timing, quick thinking, and a mastery of your movement abilities. Victory will bring immense satisfaction, but reaching it will require all your focus and determination.

An Adventure Accessible to All

The best things in life are free, and Unescape is no exception! This thrilling journey into the world of retro platforming is completely free to download and play. Experience the joy of exploration, the thrill of challenge, and the satisfaction of mastering intricate levels, all without spending a dime.

Crafted by Passionate Students

Unescape is a labor of love, developed by the talented students at the Davis Catalyst Center. Our dedication and passion for game development shine through in every pixel and polygon, delivering a unique and unforgettable experience for players of all ages.
Start your adventure today! Download Unescape and lose yourself in a world where retro charm meets modern 3D design. Prepare to jump, run, and conquer your way to victory!

Requisitos de sistema de Unescape?



OS versionWindows 10 64-bit
OS versionWindows 11 64-bit
CPUCore i3 5th Gen
CPUCore i5 8th gen
Memory8 GB
Memory8 GB
GPUGTX 960 or equivalent
GPUGTX 1080 or equivalent
DirectXDirectX 11
DirectXDirectX 12
Storage10 GB
Storage10 GB
Idiomas suportados
  • Áudio: N/D
  • Texto: English
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