Omega Ops - Demo Version

Welcome to the world of **Omega Ops**, where adrenaline-pumping first-person shooter action meets strategic brilliance. With a groundbreaking new game mode called "Capture the Nuke," you'll be on the edge of your seat, striving to outsmart your opponents in a race against time.

Este é um jogo em Acesso Antecipado

Jogos em Acesso Antecipado ainda estão em desenvolvimento e podem mudar significativamente com o tempo. Como resultado, você pode enfrentar problemas imprevistos ou ver a adição de elementos de jogabilidade completamente novos enquanto joga.

Você pode jogar agora para experimentar o jogo enquanto ele é feito ou aguardar para uma experiência mais completa.

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Omega Ops - Demo Version

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Note: This is an alpha demo version of the game so some of the features may not work as expected.
Welcome to Omega Ops, where strategy meets the trigger! It's an (FPS) First-Person Shooting Game, where every shot leads you toward victory, and it also can be played as a (TPS) Third-Person Shooting Game. Join our new game mode” Capture The Nuke” Go for the challenge, use strategy, or kill the scientist, Get ready and enjoy every step to be victorious…
Omega Ops: Play With Grace!
Are you ready to experience an exciting gaming adventure with 'Omega Ops'? Get set for some super fun! Be ready for a gaming adventure that challenges your tactical skills to face off against friends or foes in the "Omega Ops" multiplayer. This groundbreaking multiplayer shooter combines high-stakes strategy with action, developed by NCU Technologies and powered by the Unreal Engine.
Key Features!
Unique Gameplay Mechanics
Omega Ops: Push your limits. Each team, with eight specialized operatives, competes to control a powerful nuclear device, Experience the action of 8 v 8 battles in "Omega Ops" multiplayer. Play together, make every move count, and aim for victory in this thrilling multiplayer arena!
The Crucial Role of the Scientist:
Unique to Omega Ops, one player on each team assumes the role of the Scientist - the only operative who can capture and control the nuke. Protect your Scientist at all costs, or disrupt the enemy’s to prevail.
Diverse Maps:
Explore the variety of detailed maps in Omega Ops, Each map presents its own strategic challenges and environmental dynamics. In this Multiplayer Game, we have added 2 amazing maps, Our first map is inspired by the Middle East, From urban landscapes to desolate wastelands and our second map is inspired form Japanese cultural homes and decores where players can match up together and have fun playing.
Tactical Team Play:
Communicate and coordinate to support your team and fight to save the scientist. Plan your moves, defend yourself, and execute coordinated attacks to outmaneuver your opponents.
Power-Ups and Abilities:
Utilize a range of power-ups and special abilities to gain the upper hand. Choose wisely to support your team's strategy and turn the tide of battle. Give your opponents a tough time and show them your skills.
Progression and Ranking:
Fight to Earn points and climb the ranks with each victory. Showcase your skills and strategic prowess as you ascend through the leaderboards.
Stunning Graphics:
Immerse yourself in a visually stunning experience, thanks to the power of Unreal Engine. Experience realistic environments and detailed character models in high-definition
Regular Updates:
Omega Ops is a game with regular updates, new content, seasonal events, and continuous gameplay enhancements.
Community and Support:
Join an ever-growing community of tactical shooters in Omega Ops. Participate in community events, tournaments, and collaborative missions. Enjoy dedicated support, regular feedback implementations, and a player-first approach.

Requisitos de sistema de Omega Ops



OS versionwindow 7
OS versionwindow 10
CPUcore i 5
CPUcore i 7
GPU1080 Nvidia
GPU3060 Nvidia
DirectXDirectX 10
DirectXDirectX 11
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  • Áudio: English
  • Texto: English
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