A Total War Saga: TROY

Adds a single button to the character UI to fully respec the character's skills, heroes and agents. This can be done multiple times, but each subsequent respec will cost you twice as much gold.
Дата выхода
Требуется игра
Для этого мода требуется игра A Total War Saga: TROY.
Просмотр игры

Base respec cost is set to 10 gold per each level (meaning an agent or hero at lvl 10 will cost you 100 gold for the first respec). Then, this base cost is doubled each time you respec the character.
This is a just a script mode, so it should be compatible with everything and should be save compatible.
Current version: 1.0.3


It is a direct port of One Button Respec
warhammer 2 mod.
Huge thanks to Drunk Flamingo and Sm0kin for the original mod authored for Warhammer 2 upon which this mod is based off.

Issues / Feedbacks

If you have any feedback or have any issue with the mod, consider joining my Discord server (https://discord.gg/d4rs4vcX6t
) and head over the modding related channels.
You can also use the GitHub repository and open up an issue: https://github.com/mklabs/tw-troy-mod-respec-button
You can also find a basic changelog there.