A Total War Saga: TROY

Delegate control of some or all of your units to an AI General during battle. Select which specific units the AI should control. Uses the hotkeys for "Save Camera Bookmark 1" through 6. Read the full description below.
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Для этого мода требуется игра A Total War Saga: TROY.
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AI General was designed for single-player battles. I have not tested in multi-player environments.
I've tested it in Historical mode and in Truth Behind the Myth. I have not tested this in Mythological mode, but the principles should be the same.

Is AI General smart?

No. Just like Spectator Mode, AI General is not very smart, but it can give commands to many of your units at once. It can be helpful at controlling some of your basic units and "cannon fodder" while you micromanage your high-value units.
At its best, do not expect it to perform better than the game's AI on normal difficulty unless you help it. Even though AI General uses the game's Script AI Planner (not a custom AI), there are still situations where the AI in this mod performs worse than the game's enemy AI would in a similar situation.

How to use

This mod's script only runs battles, so it shouldn't affect the campaign map at all.
During battle, this mod piggybacks on the game's hotkeys for "Save Camera Bookmark 1" through 6. You can set these to whatever hotkeys you'd like. By default these start out as Shift+F9 through Shift+F12, with the last two unassigned. See the next section for details.

The Hotkeys

Save Camera Bookmark 1 (Shift+F9) - Set AI Selection. Cancels any previous AI control and then gives any currently selected units to the AI. If all units are given to the AI, your reinforcements will be given to the AI, too.
Save Camera Bookmark 2 (Shift+F10) - Reverse AI selection. Cancels any previous AI control and then gives everything in your army to the AI except the current selection. This also gives reinforcements to the AI.
Save Camera Bookmark 3 (Shift+F11) - Turn Unit Responses On/Off. In case you find them annoying or the game loops the audio.

Save Camera Bookmark 4 (Shift+F12) - Does nothing in Troy for now. Reserved for future use.
Save Camera Bookmark 5 (no default) - Turn on/off giving routing units to the AI so that it will control them once they rally.
Save Camera Bookmark 6 (no default) - Keep your current AI selection (if any) and only turn on/off AI control for the currently selected units. If your current selection has units some units under AI control and some under your control, it will cancel AI control for all the units selected.

Optional: How to configure this mod

Do you want to easily add a button, remove the advisor, or start all battles in Spectator Mode? You can do this and more with configuration! Just follow these steps:

1) On your computer, go to the TotalWarSagaTroy folder where the game is installed. Add a new folder (if you don't already have it) named mod_config
2) Start the game.
3) Once you're at the main menu, minimize the game.
4) In the mod_config folder, there should now be a new file called find_idle_units_config.txt. Open that file.
5) Edit any settings, following the directions in the file.
6) Save the file.
7) Your new settings apply in your next battle, not any current battle. (You can edit these settings any time except when a battle is loading.)

Compatibility with other mods

You cannot use both this mod and Spectator Mode. Please choose one or the other.
This should be compatible with almost all other mods (unless they have a battle script using unit_controllers, which most do not). Let me know through Discord or Facebook if you find compatibility issues with any mods. I will list them here and try to work with the mod's author to fix them.

Comparison to Spectator Mode

AI General is a more flexible version of Spectator Mode. Anything Spectator Mode can do, AI General can also do.
Spectator Mode - With nothing selected, press Shift+F10
Hero Mode - With the hero selected, press Shift+F10
Reinforcement Mode - Ctrl+A to select all your units, then Shift+F10
You can even configure AI General to start every battle in one of those modes if you want. :)


AI General: Troy is a reworked version of AI General II for TWW2, which I also worked on. If you have questions about how this mod works, the FAQ page for AI General II for TWW2 might have the answers:


AI General: Troy is inspired by and influenced by Hambango's work on Spectator Mode II for TW Warhammer 2 (originally posted to the Total War Forums). A huge thanks to Decomposed for being the steward of AI General II on Steam for several years before I got involved. I've since rewritten and expanded much of the script.
Like most modders, I am indebted to RPFM (the best modding tool) and to CA.
The cover photo is by Aideal Hwa on Unsplash of an exhibit in the Hua Art Museum. I don't who the original sculptor was.

Feedback? Bug report?

Message me on Discord -- you can DM me, paperpancake5#2391, or ping me in the Modding Den discord https://discord.gg/dppjh3e28n
Or message me on Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/paperpancake