A Total War Saga: TROY

Hi All, Agamemnon's Ambitions is historical overhaul of Troy, or at least based on limited knowledge we have. Core idea behind this mod it to provide more immersive and complex experience and to make historical mode more interesting to play.
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Для этого мода требуется игра A Total War Saga: TROY.
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!!!This is just early release, much more will be changed and added along the way!!!
Please join Discord listed below to help with project and research.
Mod overhauls:
-unit visuals
-economy, buildings and technologies
-expansion mechanics

Philosophy behind units

What I did find to not fit the era was the amount of armoured units. While they are still hard to get, I was not a fan of idea where in late game armies are made of fully armoured troops. Some would suggest just making top armoured units with small unit size but it would impact autoresolve and make late game battles small.
All armoured and noble units come with their own retinue and serfs.This means that with each increasing unit tier, ratio of armour and variety of troops changes. I think this fits era better and is more immersive as nobles are now surrounded by their lighter retinue.

Combat 1/2

-slower pace of battles with reduced killing power of missiles and longer melee
-unit speed reworked, soldier will now move with more natural speed, fixed some other issues like some ranged units being slower than heavy infantry
-overhauled chariots, they are better at breaking through enemy formations and very lethal to light troops, AI chariots should be bigger threat too
-fixed bug with hero speed in historical mode, which caused them to sprint and charge ahead of own bodyguard, leading to his quick death
-heroes in historical mode should be able to stay alive longer


-jumping death animations from projectiles removed
-added matched combat and matched kill animations between units
-lowered max hit reactions from 2 to 1, meaning soldiers are less likely to be "stun locked"
-more animation improvements to follow

Combat 2/2

-reworked morale and fatigue effects
-decreased unit immunity to routing after rally from 60 to 20 seconds
-shortened duartion of charge bonus
-removed AI unit buffs for battle difficulty, you can enjoy a bit better AI on Very Hard Battle Difficulty, this is recommended setting for battles
-better battle camera included
-improved unit spacing for more natual feel
-more changes to follow

Economy, Buildings and Technology:

-reworked building income, construction times and cost, it takes longer time to build up you cities but they yeld greater profits
-increased initial unit recruitment cost
-on early stages player gets discount on unit/building cost but it changes into penalties later on as your empire grows and administration becomes less efficient while demands grow

Unit visuals

-added officers to Mycenae units
-reworked visuals of all Mycenae, Argive and Lycian units
-more factions to follow
-removed damage and dirst from armour textures (thanks to Benjin!)
-soldiers have much more varied height
-colors of cloths are more toned down and not overbright


-forced march and double speed stances have lowered speed bonus from 50% to 25%
-increased minimum unit stregth for unit to disband after battle from 5% to 15%.
-reworked Occupation, Loot, Sack and Raze options. Occupation is best long term but comes with large Public Order hit. Loot & Occupation gives resource bonus that will help develop conquered city but player will have to deal with very large Public order penalty. Sack options yelds a lot of food, bronze and gold. Raze provides a lot of Wood and Stone to help develop your other cities.


Marthenil for helping me out how to work on animation files
Frodo45127 for RPFM update
Benjin for his Cleaner Armour Textures mod